Major Henry Fortisque-Smyth

At this year’s Knavecon, sho3box ran a game of Dinoproof.  He provided a table full of jungle terrain and crates of dinosaurs, and participants had to make a Warhammer 40,000 big game hunter.  This was the excuse I needed to model someone wearing a pith helmet, much like the classic Mœbius character Major Grubert.


Un explorateur colonial un peu ridicule.

Just for this occasion I’d stashed away a Praetorian gunner torso.  His hands, unhitched from a heavy weapon, look like they’re clutching binoculars – a conversion idea seen on countless 1990s tank commanders.  The bottom half of the figure is a Dark Ages archer, as he was wearing a pair of shorts that would reinforce his British pomposity.  (I challenge you to name a 40K human wearing shorts.)

Fortisque WIP 2

“I, of course, do not have a British accent.  That’s just how things sound when they’re properly pronounced.”

I sculpted the bottom of his tunic, then added a pouch and some frag grenades to distract from the Dark Age archer’s slightly narrower waist.  The Plasma Gun is from a Forge World Elysian, which tucked under his arm nicely enough to not have to be carried by an attendant or modelled strapped across his back.

Initially I painted his clothes entirely in Death World Forest, as he’s trying to camouflage himself in a … death world forest. But the epaulettes bothered me – ceremonial affectations seem at odds with jungle stealth.  Then I realised the initial vision of tropical fatigues was further undermined by the dress tunic.  I threw in some more colours and re-imagined the uniform as regimental rather than camouflage.

Fortisque WIP 2

 “An air of superiority is the ultimate expression of military power.”

Major Henry Fortisque-Smyth fared badly in the tropical jungles, being eaten by a series of sho3box’s childhood plastic dinosaurs.


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Reinforcements for the Nethyr’s Edge

I’m designing a pair of Kings of War books at the moment in tandem – it’s like filming the Matrix sequels. And I’m designing the next few months of Kings of War packaging. It’s unrelentingly Kings of War at the moment.

So when I get time away from Mantic, it’s nice to relax with something else.



Curis' Nethyr Edge Huscarl

Here’s my Huscarl conversion I mentioned last time. I’ve converted him with the statue base from the Kings of War Dwarf Hero to help him stand out. You may notice all my Warpath squad leaders are on bigger bases to mark them out (and stop other models towering over my doughty, squat warriors).

He looks cool enough to lead a small skirmish force, but he may not be a fully-fledged Huscarl. I see him as a Veteran Thane.

Curis' Nethyr Edge Steel Warrior Team

To bulk up the core of the army I’ve added a second unit of Steel Warriors. I picked up a load of the discontinued Drakkarim boxes in the crazy 2012 Christmas sale so I’ve got enough metal helmets for the entire squad. It helps me quickly determine which squad is which. Again, the Thane has been given a Cybermastiff and a pair of helm wings (from the Kings of War Dwarf command) to mark him out.

Curis' Nethyr Edge on parade
Click for massive version!

That brings the force to 495 points.

– Steel Warrior Section (150), Dragon’s Breath (25), Mjolnir (25)
– Steel Warrior Team (75)
– Huscarl (60)
– Iron Ancestor (160)

What’s next? Well, technically the army’s illegal as I’ve got two Heroes/Monsters and only one solid unit. But I think some Stormrage are in order for their awesome firepower – plus they count as solid if I take a ten-man squad. Or some ordnance…

Exo-Armour Hearthguard and the Storm Giants

There are several must-haves in a Squat army – and Exo-Armoured Hearthguard are several of them.  Like Space Wolves and their Wolfguard, these heavily-armoured characters can be sprinkled around the army to bolster the ranks, or formed up into squads for real hitting power.

Squat Exo-Armour versus Storm Giants

This model may’ve been influenced by the famous Sutton Hoo helmet. It’s as though the Perry that sculpted these models saw it and thought “Hey! That would look great as a robot – all it needs are hands and feet.”

Sutton Hoo helmet

Eagle-eyed amongst you would’ve noticed that there’s a discarded RTB01 helmet on the base. This is to commemorate the Squats’ victory against Mark’s Storm Giants in our ongoing Golem army challenge. So great was the massacre of these green Marines that Mark has switched to collecting Ultramarines.

Squat Exo-Armour versus Storm Giants

Next off, let’s round these chaps out to a squad with all the variants.