Late Imperial Roman General

Back in 2014 I proudly declared I was starting a Late Imperial Roman army, and showed off my first test model.  I adhered to the time-honoured tradition of planning an army, buying an army, telling everyone about my plans… then only painting one figure before quietly packing everything away and never mentioning it again.   But the hiatus is over!  Here is the second finished model – Praeses Lanceas Araneus.

Late Imperial Roman General

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Ancient Roman Stonework

It’s Vindolanda season – the opportunity to swap the cold glow of the Mac screens for the warm glow of the Northumbrian sun. Buried in the isolated British countryside are the remains of the Ancient Roman fort of Vindolanda, waiting to be revealed one trowel-scoop at a time.

My trench brought forth this section of beautiful stone relief. This fine masonry is probably rubble from the commander’s house (praetorium) rather than a piece of the barrack block I was assigned to unearth the walls of. There’s a pound coin there for scale.


Despite the endless barrows of earthy rubble, the rest of this stone eluded me. Luckily, I’ve been able to illustrate the rest of it using my extensive archaeological knowledge and a small amount of conjecture.