Chaos Talisman Trio

One day at Games Workshop HQ, Aly Morrison came up to me with a big bag of Talisman figures.  “I found this bag of scrabby old models in my basement, and I was gonna bin ’em.  Then I remembered you like scrabby old stuff.”  I was over the moon.  Here’s the first three painted.

Talisman Chaos Trio in the Morning WoodThe Chaos Brothers defending portal dolmens in the Mourning Wood.

All three figures are from 3rd edition Talisman, which I originally owned as my Dad bought it for me and my brother in the mid-1990s .  Until that point I’d been exclusively into Warhammer 40,000, and this was my first real experience of the Warhammer Fantasy world.  My painting has improved since then.

Talisman Chaos Trio in the Morning WoodTHIN YOUR PAINTS.

I’ve been quite annoyed at my initial choice of colour for my Chaos Warriors.  Red and metal is very vanilla.  To start stamping greater identity on them I’ve taken the flames from Clyro Burns’ robes and run them onto the armour panels.  It does help break up the plain surfaces and make them less generi-chaos.

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With the rising market value of the old metal Chaos Thug ranges, these muscly barbarians are welcome reinforcements to my Chaos Thug unit.  I have played with them as Blood Warriors in Age of Sigmar, and Bellicose Foot in Dragon Rampant.  The variety of designs and themes in the range means they can slip in, though they are noticeably beefier and taller.  But hey, it’s Chaos.

Talisman Chaos Trio in the Morning Wood

3rd edition Talisman Barbarian and Warrior.  Interestingly, one of these is a resculpt of the other.

I’m looking through the rest of the Talisman range now to see what other figures will fit in my Chaos warband.  The Minotaur, Skaven, Black Orc and Chaos Sorcerer are all potentials.

Thanks for the minis Aly!

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20 thoughts on “Chaos Talisman Trio

  1. I wasn’t particularly keen on those plastics at the time, with a couple of exceptions.

    Last year or so I got excited about them while painting Silver Tower figs and I am now definitely a fan.

    You have made them look absolutely lush Curis. Fabulous.

    1. I loved them all! The world of Warhammer Fantasy was unfolding before me with each one! Ratpeople?! Goblins?! Gandalfs?! Minotaurs?! People with crossbows? It was great. The Knight was my favourite as he was the easiest to paint and had a Crusades vibe going, which I could link back to Lego.

    1. Thanks! I’ve not done the Warrior’s chunky face and sausage hair any favours with my paintjob – that’s why it’s got the bloodsplats.

    1. Thanks! They come from a time when White Dwarf kept repeating the mantra “These new plastic miniatures are almost as good as metal one”, which I always thought was odd.

    1. Ta! I went back to the Barbarian and added flames to his shoulderpad after I did the initial photo of him in the forest. It really help break up the plates! Though it was a pain painting smooth flames over a surface with thick bloodsplat already on.

      1. A barbarian of his immense grimness would paint right over blood-splats without a seconds hesitation, or thought of any kind. Sort of like this rental place I had once where the owners painted straight over blue-tac on the walls.

  2. Booby Barbarian for the win! You have really made these old mono pose guys look great. Wit the soft detail they must have been a bit of a chore to paint up well though yeah?

    1. Ha, replying to this comment so you’re trapped into commenting on the next post too.

      They weren’t difficult to paint as I was working under strict time constraints of having to paint them for a game with sho3box and the Irish lads. That stopped me worrying about the limitations of the sculpts.

      The correct term, by the way, is “Boobarian”.

    1. Thanks. Looking at the original paintjobs my ‘Eavy Metal though makes me realise there’s so much room for improvement. That Stuart Thomas guy was a talented bloke.

      1. Was? WAS?!! Seriously though, thankyou very much. The Talisman and WHQ plastics are some of the work that I am most proud of. I’m deeply touched that people still appreciate them to this day. Thanks.

  3. Blast from the past for sure, and your work, of course, is exemplary.

    I totally would’ve painted up Boobarian to look like He-Man… :)

    Nice one! \m/_

    1. Damn it! Can’t believe I missed that opportunity his haircut presented! And I’ve been been working on an Orco from Heresy Miniatures recently too. Bah.

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