Citadel Miniatures JD1 Judge Dredd

With a Strontium Dogs game on the horizon from Warlord Games, my mind is all a-flutter with 2000AD miniatures.  Games Workshop had the licence in the 1980s and put out a sweet range of figures just before creating the seminal Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader, and this is the first release in that range – the iconic Judge Dredd.

Citadel Judge Dredd

“Taking photographs of a judge on a blue fade background – that’s five years in an isocube, creep.”

Fascinatingly a number of 2000AD figures were recycled into the nascent Warhammer 40,000 range.  Figures either had their parts cannibalised (like Traitor General‘s head reappearing as an Imperial Inquisitor’s), or were rereleased with new names (like Slaughter Margin “Mek” and Mega Hound becoming Imperial Assault Trooper and Robo-Dog).

Citadel Judge Dredd

“Rotating a judge on a blue fade background – that’s fifteen years in an isocube, creep.”

I went for blue and an NMM yellow on the uniform instead of black and gold to emphasise the comic book nature of Dredd.  The figure is an experiment but I’m really pleased with how he turned out and will happily roll the colour scheme out to the rest of my Justice Department miniatures.

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Dredd guarding N20 canisters – bet that’s a … barrel of laughs.

The chemical barrels and wooden pallets are advance castings from the excellent Fogou Models – they should feature in a Kickstarter soon.  I’ve went utterly overboard with biohazard symbols and other freehand.

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only Warhol.

Friends Asslessman and axiom have also painted sets of barrels, and expertly steered me away from rusting up the blue barrels as  turns out they’re made (in real life) from high-density polyethylene and not metal.

As well as more judges, I fancy painting a gang of the classic 2000AD alien mercenarys – Kleggs – for a Necromunda campaign.  Or Rogue Stars games.  Watch this space!

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32 thoughts on “Citadel Miniatures JD1 Judge Dredd

  1. That’s a fantastic job on Joe Dredd, he pops comic style. I love the old JD range, even if some of them seem a little on the wee side these days. I’m looking forward to your Kleggs all the same.

    The barrels are great, but the Campbell’s soup one worries me. A man should not lavish such detail on a barrel.

  2. Wonderful. Another vote for “seek medical help” for the detail applied to those barrels though! ;)

    Did you pick this up as part of their huge sell-off a few months back, or has it been sat in the drawer of shame for a while?

    1. This is a Citadel Dredd, not the Foundry Dredd that was that huge sell-off you’re thinking of. The Foundry stuff, which I’ve got a bit of, is about twice the size and chunkiness, and is glorious as it’s sculpted by the great Tim Prow. I may get round to some of that soon too.

  3. I was just about to stir you up and ask if you freehanded those biohazard symbols, but you did! Faaarrrkk meee :0 Your incredible Curis!

    Cool paint job on Dredd, upstaged by Campbell’s, but still fantastic nonetheless :)

  4. Lovely Dredd. You free handed those Biohazard symbols?! For some reason I thought the other barrel said H2O. I look forward to your take on more 2000AD goodies.

    1. I think so? I was going a bit loopy trying to paint chevrons on the pehd barrels initally, which didn’t work as they’re angled surfaces and looked more like a circus bigtop or helter skelter than warning stripes. So rather than think, “sod this, I’m simplifying the painting” I thought, “sod this, I’m going completely overboard”.

    1. Thinking about it a little more, there are specific rules for gangs of lawmen and enforcers. This is perfect!

  5. Grud! This paint job on Dredd is pure Zarjaz!

    Seriously nice work there mate. I’m really intrigued by the new stuff that’s coming soon. The Warlord lads at Adepticon mentioned it to me after I asked “wtf happened to the JD Game?”. I still need to get cracking on my miniatures too. I recently picked up the Escher Gang GW box on the pretense of making them Mega City One gangs.

    Looking forward to more stuff, creep!

    1. Thanks Paul! I’m desperate to see if they sculpt the Strontium Dogs stuff in the same vein as their recent Doctor Who offerings, or if it’ll be cartoony and dynamic like the old Mongoose pieces.

      1. Which would be your preference? I actually started digging through my drawers (ooerr missus!) last night to find my Johnny Alpha Foundry miniature as a result of reading this article. Still yet to find him… argh! I did, however, find all the other Foundry 2000AD minis that I bought. They are really beautiful figures… I hope that whatever happens with the new figures that Warlord release, that the sculptors keep some consistency. Their previous stuff was a bit all over the place to be honest.

        1. I painted handful of the Foundry 2000AD figures a few years back. They’re clean and crisp, and I really like the Tim Prow-iness of them. I’ve got all four of the Foundry Dark Judges on my to-do list. I do really like a number of the Warlord/Mongoose pieces. There’s some classic Shane Hoyle bits in there. So in answer to your question, I do not know.

  6. Fantastic job on such a classic old-school miniature, though if you paint up too many of the newer models, he’ll have to stand in as a cadet, given the amount of scale creep over the years…

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