Doctor Who Arc of Infinity Time Lord Omega

Time to kick off my collection of Doctor Who villains!  Presenting Omega, the Time Lord who decided to name himself after his exam grades.  It’s the Gallifreyan equivalent of “F Minus”, which now I say out loud does sound like a good rapper name.

Doctor Who's Time Lord Foe, Omega

MC F Minus in da house, rappity rappity rap.

This miniature is the 1983 Arc of Infinity incarnation of Omega.  I’ve eschewed the bone and black scheme he was seen in the show, and went for a glowing red scheme – referencing the crimson bubble of time he became trapped in immediately between The Three Doctors and Arc of Infinity.

The classic pitfall of single-colour miniatures is it’s hard to understand the overall form.  To counter this I’ve lightened the red as it rises on the miniature, to draw attention to the chest and helmet.

Doctor Who's Time Lord Foe, Omega

Arc of Infinity Omega.

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The helmet design of the miniature isn’t too close to the show, missing the bauble on top and having different placement of the pipes.  The sculpt does capture the puffiness of the jacket nicely.  I’d like to paint another version of the miniature to match the incarnation on the show, the freehand on the cloak would be a fun challenge.

Doctor Who's Time Lord Foe, Omega

Omega and the Fifth Doctor.

Because he wears an evil cape and ostentatious helmet I thought it only fitting to give him a more dramatic base with a big slab of rock.  He now towers over his foes and becomes the master of ceremonies in any scene.

Doctor Who's Time Lord Foe, Omega

Omega’s minions lead the Doctor at gunpoint across a quarry.

I’d also like to paint a third version with a headswap from the Fifth Doctor miniature to represent the Arc of Infinity scene where his helmet peels off and reveals he’s become Peter Davison thanks to the bio-data extract he stole on Gallifrey.  But there’s plenty of other Doctor Who villains to get to.

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6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Arc of Infinity Time Lord Omega

  1. Interesting character…. I’m not familiar with this DW story, but it sounds worth watching. I love the “deep” colour and contrast you used here and the appearance of reflectiveness. It’s gorgeous.

    1. Myah, it may or may not be worth watching. It was an anniversary episode of Doctor Who (20th, 1963–1983) so to be special they used some “classic” foes. Omega had previously turned up in the 10th anniversary special, so it was a little bit of a festive tradition.

      The story was also notable for being filmed in a foreign country. They had a bit where for no real reason they run around the streets Amsterdam until Omega gets defeated by a steam organ or candy floss seller or something odd.

      All in all, don’t recommend.

  2. He looks great Chris! Interesting and helpful tip about trying to make a single colour work on a mini. The base is far too small though, wouldn’t last five seconds in the Underhive I don’t think :D

  3. That’s a great looking villain for many sci-fi or fantasy settings. The red is beautifully vibrant.
    That’s a good tip re the fade on monochrome miniatures too.

    The red lit alien landscape reminds me of what I think was the very first Citadel miniature that I saw anywhere: a Rogue Trooper photographed with similar red light and shown in a 2000AD summer special in the eighties. Zarjaz.

    1. I need to go and buy some bulbs and gels to take the coloured photography further. It’s currently just a bedroom lampshade from Ikea!

      Omega is obscure enough to pass as lots of different things without people noticing it’s just a Doctor Who villain. I’ve used him as an Inquisitor Lord in my Godbreak 84th Warhammer 40,000 army already!

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