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  • Cavemen Hunters
    by Katsuhiko JiNNai on November 22, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Eep and her mate Guy join the family of cavemen hunters. […]

  • Adeptus Arbites APC
    by axiom on November 21, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Adeptus Arbites wrestle with rioting citizens.I suspect that if you had to specify a riot control vehicle for your local law enforcement outfit, the sort of thing that would spring to mind would be a wheeled APC, perhaps with a turret mounted watercannon. Possibly with a dozer blade for clearing out barricades and shunting aside burning wrecks.Something like one of these:A few years ago, I used my Adeptus Arbites in a couple of games. I didn't have anything suitable ready to go, so I picked up a marginally over-scaled but cheap toy police vehicle (with sound and light action). This vehicle has seen a fair bit of use in games which require swift deploying of Arbite troopers. It can even be operated by Jokaero. The flashing lights and nee-naw sounds are of course, a bonus.Read more » […]

  • 21 Dump Street Precinct Adeptus Arbites: Veteran and Rookies
    by sho3box on November 21, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    What’s a cop story without a veteran only [X (TIME UNITS)] from retirement? No better than a cop story without some idealistic rookie coming up to replace them, that’s what. The final catalyst that I needed to paint a small Arbite force after wanting to paint them for years was to get them used in […]

  • Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten
    by Katsuhiko JiNNai on November 21, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    During my visit of Lucca Comics & Games 2017, I tried two demos of the skirmish game "Palaeo Diet" done by Ganesha Games. I liked it and bought the rulebook and some copplestone casting cavemen.Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten is a stand-alone set of gaming rules for recreating prehistoric animal hunts on your table top. Designed with solo and multiplayer games in mind, players take on the role of the hunting party while an integral response mechanism means that beasts react in different ways in different situations. I'm painting 6 hunters, here the first two: Grug (male) and Hugga (female)I was not sure about the paint scheme of these cavemen, then I get ispired by "The Croods" from the Dreamworks Animation. […]

  • Landsknecht Ogres Mercenaries: Warmonger miniatures
    by Nico on November 21, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Hello, new stuffs for my Landsknecht Dwarf army. I bought these Giant Orcs/Ogres at the superb Warmonger Miniatures stand at Crisis this year. These models are really monstrous, check the last picture for comparison with classic Marauders Dwarves. These big guys fight under the Frankfurt Landsknecht banner and you probably notice that the leader wear a cloth with rival colors from the Burgundian land. “The maw” as I name the Leader, have made this cloth with 4 flags of unfortunate Burgundian troopers they slaughtered during their last mercenary job… “The Maw” love this colors association! His appearance on the battlefield is more important than the poor human Heraldry concepts.Scale comparison with Classic Marauders Dwarves […]

  • Dreadnoughts!
    by Azazel on November 21, 2017 at 10:11 am

    When I finished off the Mentor Legion Dreadnought a couple of weeks ago, I took some pics with it alongside the Iron Warriors Dreadnought/Hellbrute. While I was out there, I also took a few snaps of my completed Loyalist Dreadnoughts together. Here’s a couple of the better ones. I guess I should do another for … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Unexpected Developments
    by Richard Smith on November 21, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Hi!It's a cold, frosty and foggy morning here meaning that I'm not going to be able to get any decent pics of my painting progress and the latest additions to my Labyrinth project until my next day off but I have found myself ruminating on my lead pile.Orky BoyOver the years I have collected, traded, sold and lost quite a collection and even got out of the hobby twice and it's got me thinking about my remaining bits and bobs.Ultramarine Veteran PlatoonI had planned on selling or trading them away but have been playing with the idea of just painting them up over 2018 instead as a challenge to myself as I just know that I would regret getting rid of them at some point in the future.War of Ashes WarbandThis will present me with a bit of a challenge as I have a box of 28mm, a box of 15mm and a box of 6mm as well as numerous bits and pieces of resin scenics and vehicles that could do with a lick of paint, not to mention quite a few of my own sculpts that need painting too (lets not even mention the big jar of stuff that's been swimming in dettol for quite some time now!)Imperial TroopsWith that in mind, I am putting a halt to any miniature purchases other than bases, paints and putty from now until I can put a major dent into my collection. This will mean that my Labyrinth project will be developing in a somewhat sideways direction as I currently don't have many Goblins but do have a regular cornucopia of random bits and bobs that will fit in.Ghoulani Enslaver Raiding PartyGoblins will appear eventually as I haven't lost hope that I will find the little guys in an as yet undiscovered box but if not, I may be tempted to pick up a very small selection of bits and bobs to finish a warband.It's been rather refreshing to just pick up a random miniature and paint it and I suspect that my attempts will have all manner of fits and starts as it goes but it will result in me having some rather large forces for Epic, a decent sized Eldar force for Rogue Trader, assorted fantasy warbands and at least three forces for 15mm skirmishes too!With this in mind, I am going to have a good rummage through my collection and see what exactly I have that has languished in a box for years and will attempt to post some pics of the assorted stuff I have (at least when something like sunshine returns to Dundee!)In the meantime, All the best! […]

  • Skarkrow's Ironjawz Arboys - part 1 (WIP)
    by WarbossKurgan on November 20, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    I have this vague idea of hosting an invitational AoS Skirmish day based in the Mirrored City (not using the boardgame rules). One of the criteria I am thinking about is "No actual Shadespire minis" but I won't be super strict on that because they are so beautiful.+++Skarkrow, Ardboy Boss with Big Smasha:Runamuk, Ardboy with Big Choppa:Murk, Ardboy with 2 Choppas:Masha, Ardboy with Choppa:Ulgan, Ardboy with Choppa:Borug, Ardboy with Choppa:Naguk, Ardboy with Choppa:Objective markers:I'm thinking about making custom scenery for a 4x4 table, based on the look of boards as well...The Mirrored City of Shadespire is a nightmare plane of illusions and madness, an ever-changing labyrinth of endless stairs, cramped streets and soaring archways. The original city is drained of all colour and life, and for thousands of years, it has rested as a foreboding ruin.Lots of standard GW scenery kitbashed together: Numinous Occulum, Baleful Realmgate, Dragonfate Dais, Ophidian Archway, (LotR) Ruins of Osgiliath, Arcane Ruins, Eternity Stair. Add some extra levels with layers of pink insulation foam (and LOTS of stairs) covered with plasticard stone paving and pieces from the Shattered Dominion Large Basing Kit and a few Age of Sigmar Hero Bases. Fallen and broken statues.Painted greeny-grey with pools of object source lighting. […]

  • The Big Board's New Home
    by Mr. Mouse on November 20, 2017 at 3:07 am

    I've been away from the blog for quite a while.  Couple of reasons for that.  First my computer started dying and for some weird reason it took weeks to get it replaced, something that should have only taken a day or two.  While that stupid saga was being thrashed out, great events were on the move.  The Mouse family is growing and Mrs. Mouse's mother is moving in with us for a time which means […]

  • Goblin Spotted!
    by Richard Smith on November 19, 2017 at 11:24 am

    Hi!We'll I've finally had chance to take some pics of the first 28mm scale figures I've painted in over a year and better yet, one of them is a Goblin for my Labyrinth project! Agnar the UnrulyAgnar the Unruly is a large Goblin armed with a mighty battle axe named The Collywobbler. Agnar is rumoured to be in possession of one of Prince Jareth's Gateway Keys, a magical key that will open any door in the Labyrinth and something has put to good use in his fiendish thefts of Goblin maidens undergarments.Agnar is the leader of a band of Goblin warriors known for wandering the outer portions of the Labyrinth in search of loot and trouble (technically they were tasked with guarding the place by Prince Jareth but in typical Goblin over enthusiasm, they prefer getting into a good scrap or daubing slogans on the walls of the Labyrinth. This has led to a feud between Aganr and his underlings and The Cleaners)Agnar is a Rackham miniature that I picked up some time ago from Spirit Games and is a cracking figure but took ages to paint as he is really covered in little details that require a fair bit of effort to get right. I'll be adding a few more simple Gobbos as his underlings in the next week or so!Next up, there's the Marik the Outlander: Marik the OutlanderNot all those who run the perils of the Labyrinth come out unchanged and one such is Marik. Once, many years ago, Jareth challenged him to navigate the Labyrinth but Marik failed and is cursed to forever wander the twisting maze.Now clad in a rusty suit of Goblin made plate and wielding a mighty flail, Marik roams the Labyrinth challenging all he meets to combat.Over the years several Outlander bands have formed to try and depose Jareth, escape the Labyrinth or even destroy it. These grim and driven groups have had mixed fortunes as the magic that fills Jereth's realm means that any damage done to the maze is soon repaired and many of the denizens who make the Labyrinth their home actively work against the uncouth louts who smash up their home.The two side by sideMarik is an old Citadel chaos warrior and painted up really quickly but looks the business with his beaten armour, furs and big flail. I tried out some new techniques for painting rust on him and am quite pleased with the results. I also sculpted both bases to reflect the flagstones of the Labyrinth and really like how they turned out and will be using the same method for basing the rest of my 28mm gubbins!As I mentioned in one of my previous ramblings, I seem to have lost most of my Goblin miniatures in one of our house moves so will be actively seeking out more in the next few weeks. Having rummaged my bits boxes, I do have several more chaosy types who will be getting added to my Outlander warband though and I've almost finished a Bog Hag who will be leading another warband, this time centred around the Bog of Eternal Stench!Hopefully my next update will give a bit more details on some of the locations of the Labyrinth and the strange creatures who inhabit it.In the meantime, All the best! […]

  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolves Primaris Inceptor Group & Detail
    by Dave Kelly on November 18, 2017 at 9:42 am

    With the three figures finished, here's the group shot of them in action.Very pleased with the final result. Each one feels dynamic, unique and definitely a Space Wolf. The sergeant in the group has a helmet, as I wanted him to feel like the Primaris still maintaining some of the "traditional" standards of the marines, whereas the others have fully embraced their inner Fenrisian.One detail that's almost invisible from the shots is the jump pack. I've attempted some OSL in here to give the feeling of hot jets ...... then attempted to reflect that back on the surface below it.It's got an audience of only me when it's on the table, but I'm pleased with the result.Onto the next models. Just another 18 and then that's a boxset I started in July finished. How's that for speed! Right? Right? […]

  • Calth-based Fallen Dark Angel.
    by Azazel on November 17, 2017 at 10:47 pm

    Something both familiar yet new today – it’s another Fallen Dark Angel, though this time it’s the first (almost) entire model I’ve made from my Betrayal at Calth stash. At this point I think I’ll put together two squads of Fallen – one made of old-school Rogue Trader-era metal models, and one made of more … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Rogue Trader - Mercenaries Part 2
    by Jason Fulford on November 17, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Hello, I hope you enjoyed my last blog post featuring some of the RT502 - Mercenaries, I am trying to keep the momentum going between this project and my quest to paint all of the Citadel miniatures Judge Dredd Perps which is going well but is going to take another 2 years or so with the interruptions I have planned like completing the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader 1st Flyer March 1987 miniatures and a personal favourite of mine the Slocombes Warbots and SFD Robots which are still sitting in their blisters waiting to be opened for your enjoyment (photos will be taken to upset the collectors, is that a form of trolling?  😆) so bear with me.You can see how some of the projects are getting on in my Gallery.Anyway first up today is 'No-Face Fargo' from the RT502 - Mercenaries code who started life as a Imperial Light Trooper on the Warhammer 40,000 (Rogue Trader) 1st Flyer March 1987 and another miniature depicted in the rulebook, a variant of the 'Imperial Garrison Trooper/Kylla Condotti' 1st Flyer/RT502 -Mercenaries miniature who's tab says 'Low Tek Trooper' in the case of 'No-Face Fargo' he has a blank tag label so I reckon he is the later sculpt of the two, the infamous Imperial Assault trooper/Judge Dredd Mek shares the same head.  This miniature ended up in several blister codes over its lifespan.  His name is based on the famous historical mercenaries the Condottieri for anyone interested.The major appeal to a lot of Rogue Trader fans is the sculpted on back pack which was the norm in the first releases and many fans would love to see this done again. I went for a palette of blues for this miniature designing my own Imperial navy uniform and imagine him with his mask in a low gravity/oxygen boarding action.Kylla Condotti - frontKylla Condotti - backImperial Garrison Trooper - Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader Rulebook page 67 and it's time for some AbhumansSecondly we have 'Shorty' the Halfling eventually the nickname Ratling became the norm for these guys, another one of the RT502 - Mercenaries usually for this code not sculpted by Bob Naismith I believe but I don't know who yet.  Complete with Judge Dredd style boots, elbow/knee pads, mithril/mesh shirt and a bolt pistol that is the size of a bolter for this character, his helmet is an excellent sculpt and was a joy to paint, I need to mention the cooking pot and spoon on his backpack too even Space Halflings need breakfast, elevenses, and brunch before tossing 'the one nut to rule them all' into the fire.Shorty the Halfling - frontShorty the Halfling - backLastly we have the infamous 'Beastman Trooper Gaxt' from the 1987 first Rogue Trader Imperial Army code, semi dressed in army uniform maybe because his beastman side cannot be tamed as he goes topless with studded armbands, carrying an autogun, a really cute chain knife or short sword and has a weirdstone dangling from his belt.  Many W40K gamers have created some really amazing Imperial Guard Beastmen units over the years and it all started with this guy.Beastman Trooper Gaxt - frontBeastman Trooper Gaxt - backIt appears that the games/miniature designers at Games Workshop know how dear we still hold 'Gaxt' to our hearts and there may be money in it (cynical?) so have churned out a Necromunda Beastman Bounty Hunter for all you fans out there. (p.s. I am loving their new direction, I even purchased Silver Tower, is there a new golden age coming?)Thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed, now get following 😈J […]

  • The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 7: Game 2
    by WarbossKurgan on November 17, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    SECURE THE NAVIGATIONAL DATA (Triumph & Treachery: "Centre Ground" from Age of Sigmar General's Handbook 2017) Signals from another nav-comm relay on Imeria have been intercepted. They appear corrupted, but perhaps an uncorrupted data template can be retrieved from the cogitator.+++My Secret Objective at the start of the game was "Counter Attack":The Malfactus Card drawn for the start of the game was Psychic Boon (at the end of each turn 2 dice are rolled: the first is the score that the second needs to beat for another card to be drawn).+++Buzzing insects plagued them as they struggled through the dense jungle. The Dust Hogz followed the low beeping of Draktor's skanner and closed in on another possible site for "the old map". But as usual they were not the first on site.After a tense but brief negotiation the Dust Hogz and Inquisitor Quintus agreed a shaky alliance, as neither warband liked the idea of catching of Nurgle's Rot, and they both fired on the "Grandfather's Seeds of Putrefaction" warband as soon as they could.Balthasar Tirpitz, the Inquisitor's Gunfighter-Acolyte, captured the central objective, but Dexter, the Plasma Gunner Acolyte, died when his weapon overheated.The Plague Marines returned fire in a very focused effort at the Inquisitor's Combat Servitor and (eventually!) brought it down.Warboss Throttle and the Nobz blazed away at the Plague Marines and hit their targets a surprising number of times. But the Death Guard's Disgusting Resilience kept them in the fight.+++The Malfactus Rift rippled and changed... the Psychic Boon faded and an Empyric Shield manifested.The ork's Treachery Points started to mount up!After the Lord of Contagion Pustifer Lungbane materialised between the objective and the Inquisitor and Confessor Tull, the Ministorum Priest, charged him and Tull was cut down by Lungbane's Plague Reaper. He then charged Quintus and smashed the armoured Inquisitor to the ground.The Orks blasted away at the Plague Marines again with Kustom Shootas and Sluggas, and downed one of them.Warboss Throttle charged the Death Guard but both he and them were distracted watching the Lords battle each other.Only Balthasar Tirpitz remained of the Inquisitor's retinues and he fled.+++The Death Guard's Secret Objective was "Topple".The Inquisitor's Secret Objective was "Pick on the Weak".All three warbands achieved their objectives in the final turn. The Victory Points totals were:Orks: 2VPDeath Guard: 7VPInquisitor: 3VPThe Seeds of Putrefaction won the game! […]

  • Citizens of Mancunius Dome, Part 3
    by WarbossKurgan on November 17, 2017 at 11:50 am

    My friend and regular gaming opponent Viktor made me a Ministorum Priest a few years ago in a "Secret Santa" style mini exchange. I have updated the paint job a little (lightened the highlights, darkened the lowlights and added a few layers of underhive filth. I also removed the weapons he had).The priest now joins my 40k civilians as a street preacher in Mancunius Dome! […]

  • Prepping for games
    by Wailslake on November 17, 2017 at 11:25 am

    I think I might be a bit odd. I have two games scheduled this weekend with Tears of Envy so have spent the week putting together rosters, scenarios, quick ref sheets etc. and I love it.  Is that weird?This may tie into my love of world building more seen in roleplaying games (currently playing Numenera & Pathfinder), but the gaming prep lets me expand a bit more than "two groups of lads stand around eyeballing each other"...In case you are interested the games planned are an Age of Sigmar Skirmish game based around relic of the World that Was in the dust choked plains of Shyish and the others is a Mutant and Death Ray Guns game were our warbands will be grubbing around in the dirt looking for artefacts!Pictures to follow...well once we have played! Don't expect them to be good. […]

  • Biologus Putrifier
    by Brunelleschi Yggdrasil on November 17, 2017 at 7:46 am

    Otro de los nuevos personajes de élite para la Guardia de la Muerte. Este personaje mejora las granadas de sus compañeros cercanos además de tener una pinta excelente (a mi me recuerda a un mosquito).Esta miniatura ha sido un verdadero entrenamiento en pintar viales, las “alas” están repletas de ellas. También de mucosidades, que gotean por toda la armadura del biologus.  Utilicé barniz brillante por las heridas abiertas y mucosidades de toda la armadura, lo viales los dejé mate, ya que considero que este adorador de Nurgle no se preocupará en quitarle el polvo a los tarros y pociones que lleva encima.Lo que menos me gusta de los nuevos personajes  de Warhammer 40,000 es que son monopose, nada que un poco de cuchilla y masilla no pueda solucionar, pero hasta el más mínimo de estos cambios va a requerirlos.¡Saludos y seguid pintando! […]

  • The Fabulous Flexible 28mm Spanish Tercio
    by Whiskey Priest on November 16, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    The latest addition to my Dutch Revolt collection is a big chunk or Spanish Pikemen. They are a mix of Gamezone and Citadel (plus the odd Foundry and Warlord figure).Read more » […]

  • Goblin Inspiration
    by Richard Smith on November 16, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Hi!Just a quick update today with some random musings on my Goblin project that I have started!I've been a massive fan of the Jim Henson film, The Labyrinth since I saw it many moons ago and love the artwork and whimsical creations of Brian Froud, the chap who designed both the world of the Labyrinth but also of Hensons other great film, The Dark Crystal.Over the years, I've collected rather a lot of Brian's wonderful artbooks and have been enjoying reacquainting myself with them whilst looking for inspiration for my Goblin warband and, as is often the case with my projects, it has set off a chain of ideas and somewhat unhinged possibilities that I suspect may keep me entertained for some time.Re-reading the madcap antics of Goblin society as presented by Brian Froud, Terry Jones and Ari Berk has been a real pleasure and I'm struck by how enjoyable and believable the world they have created is and what a difference it is from the rather more grim version of Goblins that Tolkien presented which has, alas stuck around till today.Similarly, I love the idea that no two Goblins look alike and appear in a bewildering array of sizes, shapes, colours and kind. For a miniatures project this is a real boon as it will allow me to really play around with different figures from all manner of ranges and allow me to experiment with different painting approaches too!But there's more! Froud has also put together some really great books on other fabled beings such as the Fae and Trolls too, not to mention all the great designs he did for Dark Crystal so there's a real possibility that I may end up putting together a Fae court and some sort of Trollish element to my project if things go well.Froud isn't the only great source of inspiration either as Paul Bonner has created some really great imagery of comedic but savage Goblins and his artbook, Out of the Forest is a really great resource to peruse too!Another thing I am finding rather exciting is the setting itself as I am thinking of trying to put together some of the locations from The Labyrinth for small skirmishes such as the Goblin City, the Scrapheap and The Bog of Eternal Stench, not to mention some random stonework as imagine what fun it would be having small groups of Gobbos bumping into each other and starting a squabble.Referencing the movie, there's quite a few easy to put together terrain pieces that would look the business and would make for an interesting game too.With that in mind, I've started rummaging my bits boxes and lead pile in search of suitable goodies to put together to get the ball rolling but sadly have discovered that my small stash of Goblins has mysteriously vanished in one of our house moves which is a bit of a bind and thus far, I've only managed to track down a grand total of two of the little fellows.Still, it does mean I will be seeking out new figures to paint and in the meantime have got several other random figures that could make an interesting addition to the world I seem to be engrossing myself in so hey ho!I have a sneaking suspicion that this project is going to be a bit bigger than originally planned but I am going to try to keep myself from going too mental with it and will post some pics of my first painted figures at the weekend as well as further ramblings about the setting as I go!All the best! […]

  • Monolith-con Comic: Graveskul, Hit the Beach!!!
    by airbornegrove26 on November 16, 2017 at 1:39 am

    G'day M8's!  Well another Monolith-con is in the books.  What better way to wrap up the weekend then knocking out the first comic report.Up first is our Saturday Showcase game, of a huge siege in Graveskul on a 16'x4' table.  With defenders landing on beaches, and Attackers using Castle Greyskull as a base. Moawr Blud » […]

  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolves Primaris Inceptor 3
    by Dave Kelly on November 15, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Here we are with the last Inceptor! This is probably my favourite due to the pose.I didn't like the plastic rods that came with the figures. While they're a definitely upgrade on the old ones with air bubbles, they felt a bit amateur theatre wire work pose-wise. This has been glued very, very carefully onto the front of a crate - and balanced so it doesn't fall over.The blue you can see on the crate is the reflection from the jet pack engine. I'll sort out a close-up shot later this week which may be more flattering.Hopefully this has captured a feeling of jumping over obstacles and landing on the charge. […]

  • Technobridge!
    by Azazel on November 15, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Another scenic post today – Pegasus Hobbies’ Technobridge. I picked this up quite awhile ago, got around to assembling it awhile ago, and then when we had a brief run of good weather several weeks ago I was finally able to paint it. Warm to hot weather is what I tend to need to get … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Ork Warboss Krugg Fangrot and Banna Waver
    by axiom on November 14, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Every fledgling ork warband needs a boss to shout at people and to be the biggest, toughest, meanest greenskin around. And how does a boss show people he's the boss? By having a grot carry his personal banner around behind him.My boss is the fairly ubiquitous Thrugg Bullneck from the Rogue Trader Space Ork Raiders box set. Thrugg is a pretty hefty figure - hulking (by early RT standards), and pulling off a suitably boss-like pose. My copy of Thrugg (aka Krugg Fangrot) has a few rounded elements (probably from rolling around in a box somewhere), but he's in relatively fine fettle.Krugg Fangrot with his boss pole.I added the little Blood Bowl snotling to the base because I liked it. Plus I put Krugg on a larger base, so I had some room. The model's pose overspills a standard 25mm base.Read more » […]

  • The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 6: Game 1
    by WarbossKurgan on November 14, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Carnage in the jungles of ImeriaThe equatorial jungles of Imera are home to all kind of deadly fauna, from swarms of tiny Borebeetles, able to flay a man alive in minutes, through packs of Sliterfangs, hiper-aggressive rat-snake hybrids, to the dreaded Imerian Tiger, the tank-sized felid at the top of the feeding chain. Deep in the jungles, Arch-preacher Lodovic founded a hermitage to atone for his failure to convert the local tribes to the Imperial faith. For centuries, the Ministorum has sent failing Priest to Imera to ponder about their lack of devotion. However, since the opening of the Malfactus Rift, no word has been received from the Sanctuarium Lodovicum.+++The Dust Hogz tellyporta'd down to the surface of Imeria, near a weak signal from some kind of data relay. They were convinced this would be "the old map", as they called it: a navigational datafile from before the Cicatrix Maledictum ripped the galaxy in two. They knew it would be out of date, as all Imperial warp-routes in the area of the Malfactus Rift were either blocked or shifted by unpredictable warp storms, but the locations of key systems in the New Drekport subsector would be unchanged. It was their key to unlocking the plunder of the region!+++Warboss Throttle and his retinue closed in on the ruin, and the source of the signal, only to find two other warbands already there and already blazing away at each other!So the Dust Hogz joined in: They all fired everything they had into the firefight. They were fairly indifferent to the fact they weren't hitting anything but they were enjoying yelling and spraying bullets in the general direction of the fight.Lord of the Virulent Miasma, Pustifer Lungbane closed on the ruins and the broken but still functioning datapost.Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Quintus Severus sent his Combat Servitor forward into the teeth of the Death Guard's gunfire. The Servitor shrugged off everything they had and not only returned fire, he charged!Quintus leapt into the fight and almost singlehandedly destroyed the Death Guard squad!While the Death Guard and Ordo Malleus threw everything they had at one another, the Orks poured more fire into the melee and strolled into the ruins.Eventually they realised they were unable to hit anything, and they resigned themselves to nabbing the loot and escaping without casualties! Throttle would have liked at least a few shots to have found their mark but at least they didn't head back to their ship empty handed.+++Warboss Throttle stood on the darkened bridge of the Dogtoof and looked at his crew of Meks. Streams of symbols scrolled across the green-on-green monitor screens behind them."So nuffink? It's no use at all?" he said. They looked nervous but collectively shook their heads. The Warboss growled and ground his teeth, then sighed and said "Zoggit. So what else 'ave we got? Where do we look next?" […]

  • Beastmen Warband
    by Katsuhiko JiNNai on November 14, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    The Beastmen warband is complete, here the last two warriors. […]

  • Hive Fleet Moloch: The Albino Swarm
    by Wailslake on November 14, 2017 at 11:08 am

    A large part of my recent hobbying has been assemebling an army for the latest edition of 40k.  I was going to stick with my Nurgle Daemons but, well it never quite works like that, and after discovering I had managed to amass a large amount of original Tyranids (pre-1992) I decided to get them into shape for 40k.This coincided with a new campaign with Warboss Kurgan and Viktor so finally paint touched lead and I have managed to get enough together for a "legal" army.  I also got to do my favourite acivity of digging through 40k books, codicies etc. and putting together a piece of background to give this particular swarm of all consuming insects some "character".So, introducing  The Albino Swarm:The Alien fails because it cannot embrace the Emperor.“It is my opinion that one of the biggest threats posed by the Tyranid Hive Fleets are their ability to split and regroup at will, sending shards of their forces into deep space, bypassing any form of resistance and falling upon unsuspecting system far away from the traditional borders of the Imperium’s wars.With regard to Hive Fleet Moloch, although the bulk of the Hive Fleet have now engaged Imperial forces within the Ultima Segmentum [Cross Ref Files. *Karak Prime* *Jollov System* *Forbidden - Death Spectres*], various tendrils have since spread in pursuit of other, unknown targets.My own forces have now tracked an unusual example to the Malfactus system, a tendril I have designated “The Albino Swarm”.Since the Hive Fleet crossed into His Most Holy Galaxy in 998.M41 the Albino Swarm has yet to make planetfall on any inhabited worlds and instead has remained in deep space. Indeed, my colleagues in the Magos Biologis Xenologis are particularly interested in the Swarm as they believe the species contained within will be closer to a “pure Tyranid” that made the initial journey across the void which had not yet consumed the bio-mass of this galaxy. It is unknown why, at the dawn of 111.M42, over a hundred years after first encroaching on Imperial space, the Albino Swarm has finally moved to engage Imperial and Xenos forces across the Ghoul Stars.”-          Inquisitor Brellis, Ordos Xenos, Fort Pykman, 111.M42My armour is contempt. […]

  • Warhammer underwolds Shadespire - Steelheart's Champions
    by Asslessman on November 14, 2017 at 8:30 am

    Guess what I'm back with ? Well there's not much to guess with a big picture to open the post but yeah, I've painted Stormcast. Again.After trying Shadespire at my friendly local hobby shop, I had a really good time and immediately saw the opportunity to play this one with my non wargaming friends (the weird kind who like to play games but without miniatures only).The bow set coming with 8 models and the bands being set as they are, I also knew there was little risk for me to say... start an new army or that kind of non sense.Read Moar Skullz » […]

  • HOSTILE GROUND Battle Report: Raid on a COBRA Outpost
    by Katsuhiko JiNNai on November 13, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Durante la mia visita della fiera di Lucca Comics & Games 2017, ho avuto occasione di provare una schermaglia dimostrativa del gioco di piccole schermaglie "Hostile Ground" di Lorenzo Sartori (fondatore della rivista Dadi&Piombo e autore di vari wargames fra cui Impetus). Il gioco simula uno scontro a fuoco fra una piccola squadra d'elite (8-10 figure) che debbono fronteggiare una dozzina di insorgenti. La squadra d'elite viene schierata in un unico punto di ingresso, mentre gli avversari compariranno durante il gioco da 6-12 punti di ingresso. L'obiettivo è "liberare" gli ingressi avversari (che verranno tolti dal gioco) e costringere gli insorgenti a fallire il loro test di morale. Esiste anche la possibilità di scegliere come obiettivo la liberazione di un ostaggio.Il regolamento e il tipo di ambientazione in stile "Delta Force" hanno solleticato la mia curiosità, spingendomi a considerare di utilizzare le mie miniature dipinte che traggono ispirazione dalla serie "G.I. Joe A Real American Hero". I G.I. Joe avrebbero potuto ricoprire il ruolo di squadra d'elite mentre i COBRA sarebbero stati gli insorgenti.Ho dunque preparato il tavolo da gioco, immaginando uno sperduto avamposto dei COBRA nelle giungle africane:During my visit to the Lucca Comics & Games 2017, I had the opportunity to try a demonstration skirmish of the "Hostile Ground" skirmish game by Lorenzo Sartori (founder of Dadi & Piombo magazine and author of various wargames including Impetus). The game simulates a clash between a small elite team (8-10 figures) who have to face a dozen insurgents. The elite team is deployed at a single point of entry, while opponents will appear during the game from 6 to 12 entry points. The goal is to "free" the adversary entry points (which will be removed from the game) and force the insurgents to fail their morale test. There is also the possibility of choosing as a goal the liberation of a hostage.The rules and type of background in a "Delta Force" style have tickled my curiosity, pushing me to consider to use my painted miniatures inspired by the "G.I. Joe A Real American Hero" series. The G.I. Joes would be the elite team while the COBRAs would be the insurgents.Then I prepared the gaming table, imagining a remote outpost of the COBRA in the African jungles:10 punti di ingresso dei COBRA sono stati identificati. I G.I. Joe si chierano dal loro punto di ingresso.10 COBRA entry points have been identified. The G.I. Joe deploy from their point of entry.1 TURNOTesti:Yo Joe!He'll fight for freedom wherever there's trouble,G.I. Joe is there!G.I. Joe [A real American hero]G.I. Joe is there!It's G.I. Joe against COBRA and Destro,fighting to save the day!He never gives up, he's always thereFighting for freedom over land and air!G.I. Joe [A real American hero]G.I. Joe is there!G.I. Joe è il nome in codice di una temeraria squadra speciale americana addestrata ad altissimo livello, il suo scopo è difendere la libertà degli uomini dal COBRA, una spietata organizzazione terroristica decisa a dominare il mondo.He never gives up, he'll stay 'till the fights oneG.I. Joe will dare!G.I. Joe [A real American hero]G.I. Joe! Il team G.I. Joe muove verso l'avamposto dei COBRA.Sergente Duke: "Avanti Joe! Liberiamo questa tana di serpenti! Yo Joe!"1 TURNLyrics:Yo Joe!He'll fight for freedom wherever there's trouble,G.I. Joe is there!G.I. Joe [A real American hero]G.I. Joe is there!It's G.I. Joe against COBRA and Destro,fighting to save the day!He never gives up, he's always thereFighting for freedom over land and air!G.I. Joe [A real American hero]G.I. Joe is there!G.I. Joe is the codename for America's daring, highly trained, special mission force!It's purpose, to defend human freedom against COBRA, a ruthless terrorist organization  determined to rule the world! He never gives up, he'll stay 'till the fights oneG.I. Joe will dare!G.I. Joe [A real American hero]G.I. Joe! The G.I. Joe team moves toward the COBRA outpost. Sergeant Duke: "Come on Joes! Let's get this snake's snare! Yo Joe!"Tre soldati COBRA fanno il loro ingresso, celati dietro una capanna.Soldato COBRA: "I Joe si stanno ficcando dritti nella nostra trappola!" Three COBRA soldiers enter their entry point, hiding behind a hut. COBRA Soldier: "The Joes are lurking right in our trap!"2 TURNOI G.I. Joe avanzano e prendono posizione.Sergente Duke: "Grunt occupa quella posizione, non voglio che qualche biscia ne approfitti. Zap, tieniti pronto con il tuo bazooka, gli altri mi seguano..."2 TURNThe G.I. Joe advances and takes position.  Sergeant Duke: "Grunt take that position, I don't want some boss to take advantage of it. Zap, stand ready with your bazooka, the others follow me ..." I soldati COBRA si muovono con cautela, celati dalla vegetazione.Soldato COBRA: "Muovetevi silenziosamente, i Joe si avvicinano..."The COBRA soldiers move with caution, concealed by the vegetation.COBRA Soldier: "Move silently, the Joes are coming closer..."3 TURNOI Joes continuano ad avanzare, un punto ingresso degli avversari è "liberato". Tuttavia durante lo scontro a fuoco uno dei Joe viene abbattuto.Sergente Duke: "Contatto! 3 Rettili fra la vegetazione e 2 dietro una tenda! Sparate! ... oh No! Soldato a terra!"Soldato Joe: "Sergente! Mi hanno beccato!"Sergente Duke: "Tranquillo ragazzo! E' solo un graffio, ti riprenderai!"3 TURNThe Joes continue to advance, an entry point of the opponents is "freed". However during the fire one of the Joe's fallen down. Sergeant Duke: "Contact! 3 Reptiles between the vegetation and 2 behind a curtain! Shoot! ... oh No! Soldier on the ground!" Joe's soldier: "Sergeant! They caught me!""Sergeant Duke:" Quiet boy! It's just a scratch, you'll get it back! "Due nuovi soldati COBRA fanno il loro ingresso, nello scontro a fuoco uno di essi viene abbattuto.Soldato COBRA: "COBRAAAAAAaaaaahhhh-Arghhh!!! Mi hanno colpito!"Two new COBRA soldiers make their entry, in the clash one of them is shot down. COBRA Soldier: "COBRAAAAAAAaaaaaahhh-Arghh !!! They hit me!" 4 TURNOQuattro ulteriori soldati COBRA compaiono dal loro ingresso, celati dall'antenna satellitare.Soldatessa COBRA: "I Joe pagheranno a caro prezzo la loro arroganza!"4 TURNFour more COBRA soldiers appear from their entrance, concealed by the satellite antenna. COBRA female soldier: "The Joes will pay dearly for their arrogance!"Il combattimento prosegue, i Joe sembranno inarrestabili. Due punti ingresso avversari sono "liberati".Sergente Duke "Forza Joe! Forza, forza Joe!"The fight continues, the Joes seems unstoppable. Two entry points are "freed".  Sergeant Duke "Yo Joe! Yo, Yo Joe!"I COBRA si muovono in copertura.Soldati COBRA: "COBRAAAAAAAAAAAaaaahhh!!"COBRAs move in cover. COBRA Soldiers: "COBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH !!"Un soldato COBRA cade in combattimento.A COBRA soldier is out of combat.Un altro soldato COBRA cade sotto i colpi dei joes.Scarlet: "Mi spiace ragazzo, no ti rialzerai più!" Another COBRA soldier is down under the shots of the joes.Scarlet: "I'm sorry boy, you will not be back anymore!"5 TURNOI G.I. Joe stanno prendendo il sopravvento. Il loro fuoco concentrato abbatte altri due soldati COBRA.Sergente Duke: "Avanti Joe! I COBRA stanno cedendo, non condediamogli tregua! YOOOO JOE!!5 TURNThe G.I. Joes are taking the lead. Their concentrated fire kills two other COBRA soldiers. Sergeant Duke: "Come on, Joe! The COBRAs are surrendering, don't stop now! YOOOO JOE !! 6 TURNOI Joes intensificano l'attacco.Sergente Duke: "Un ultimo sforzo! Zap, apri il fuoco sulla posizione di quelle quattro vipere sulla collina!"Zap: "Consideralo già fatto Duke!"6 TURNThe Joes intensify the attack.Sergeant Duke: "One last effort! Zap, open fire on the position of those four vipers on the hill!" Zap: "Consider it already done Duke!"I quattro soldati COBRA appostati sulla collina sono sconfitti. I COBRA falliscono il test di morale e il team dei G.I. Joe è il vincitore.Zap: "Li ho beccati, ragazzi!"Sergente Duke "Bel lavoro Zap! Gli altri COBRA si ritirano, li abbiamo sconfitti!"The four COBRA soldiers on the hill are defeated. The COBRAs fail the moral test and the team of G.I. Joe is the winner.Zap: "I caught them, guys!" Sergeant Duke "Good job Zap! The other COBRA retreats, we have defeated them!"Ancora una volta i Joe hanno sconfitto la minaccia del COBRA, ma nuove avventure li attendono.Scarlet: "Questo nascondiglio dei serpenti è stato ripulito, e altri lo saranno presto!"Snake Eyes "..." (cenno di assenso e pollice in su) 👍Once again, the Joe s defeated the COBRA threat, but new adventures await them.Scarlet: "This snakes hideout has been cleaned, and others will soon be!" Snake Eyes "..." (nodding and thumb up) 👍Sergente Duke: "Oggi è stata una facile vittoria. Ma i COBRA torneranno e noi saremo pronti ad accoglierli! Sergeant Duke: "Today was an easy win. But the COBRAs will come back and we will be ready to welcome them! […]

  • Coming full Circle?
    by Whiskey Priest on November 13, 2017 at 10:01 pm

    There are a lot of excited Nerds around at the moment. The pre-orders for Nu-Necromunda must be pouring in. If Shadow war was anything to go by then Necromunda:Underhive is going to be a massive hit for GW. I have to admit to being lured in by the hype myself. I've watched a couple of interviews with chief specialist bod, Andy Hoare, and his enthusiasm for the game is infectious. He's a player a collector and a generally lovely bloke. The rejuvenation of 1995's Necromunda with two redesigned gangs and 2D board looks like it'll have some great gameplay and has pushed the GW game format in a different direction to 8th edition 40K.But...as I was gathering info about the game and working out how it might work it occurred to me that something was going on. The type of gamer I am (and the this applies to the people I'm lucky enough to play games with) will no doubt appreciate the game as it comes out of the box but I have a sneaky suspicion that we will fairly quickly try and push the boundaries. The game isn't even out and I want to mess with it.Read more » […]

  • Small Scenics: Objective Marker and Teleport Homers
    by Azazel on November 13, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    I’ll lead this post off with an objective marker that I just completed. It’s actually the previous base that the Mentor Legion Dreadnought was based on, before I pried it off for a fresh start. I considered prying the dead Chaos Marine off it as well, but then figured that it would be easier and … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolves Primaris Inceptor 2
    by Dave Kelly on November 13, 2017 at 7:09 am

    Edging ever closer to a full unit, here's the second fellow. This one's positioned to be dropping onto an ammo crate. I'd forgotten how tricky it is painting faces with this much detail on this scale. It held up progress quite a bit.Took a little longer on the photos this time, and feel they've come out better. Always room to improve, but the colours are spot on. […]

  • Beastmen henchmen
    by Katsuhiko JiNNai on November 12, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Some more beastmen for my warband. I still must pait two more beastmen and it will be completed. […]

  • Necromunda! – A first pair of Escher Gangers updated.
    by Azazel on November 12, 2017 at 12:28 am

    So I’ve started to look into my archives and bring out some of my Necromunda figures and give them the 2017 treatment. This means finishing figures that were never completed, giving them new bases – and of course – de-skittling them. I’m going to do them a pair at a time for the time being, … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Yes to 28mm, Ish
    by Richard Smith on November 11, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    Hi!Well I've settled on a bit of a project to scratch the 28mm miniatures itch that I've been suffering of late.I've settled on putting together a bit of a skirmish warband of Goblins. My initial plan is to collect and paint up a dozen or so 28mm scale figures to test the waters and if things go well, I may expand the force by a few figures more.I've realised that there is no point of me trying to paint up a full army but I think I can manage something a bit smaller. I do have a vague notion of painting up some 15mm scale figures for a larger army project but don't want to get carried away just yet.I'm going to try and put together a whimsical sort of band of Gobbos, more akin to the inhabitants of the Labyrinth than the grim darkness of the Warhammer world and it also means that I can use pretty much any figure I want rather than trying to use just one kind of Goblin and I can add an assortment of random bits and bobs to keep things interesting!Hopefully I'll be able to get the project started in the coming days and will post a bit of an update when I get chance!All the best! […]

  • Brothers left behind
    by antipixi on November 11, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Some of the guys on the Oldhammer Forum are already planning a game for BOYL2018. The concept is a space marine chapter that has lost contact with Terra; out of touch with the Emporer of mankind.These marines have had to fare for themselves. Over the centuries, their equipment has failed, injuries and fallen brothers has reduced their number. They have lost their purpose and now they live for themselves; rampaging across the planet taking what the need (or simply want) to survive. They are the STAR BASTARDS!Inspired by the idea (and tiring of painting Nurgle deamons) I decided to start a side project of making my first Star Bastard.Read more » […]

  • Remembrance Day
    by Azazel on November 10, 2017 at 8:12 pm


  • Mancunius Dome Scenery - part 5 (WIP)
    by WarbossKurgan on November 10, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    So Necromunda is released for pre-order tomorrow and I'm finally getting round to making more underhive scenery with my Shadow War Armageddon box set! The Sector MEchanicus scenery is a joy to build and I can see myself getting a lot more soon. I already have a very deep bits box of parts I have put by with the idea of building more Mancunius Dome scenery, including a dozen old Necromunda bulkheads, two sets of Promethium Relay Pipes, a set of 3 Munitorum Armoured Containers, a set of Ryza Pattern Ruins (from the Moonbase Klaisus box set), a load of left-overs from the Sector Imperialis ruins kits I got on eBay, some old Warhammer movement trays, plumbing pipes, and a big pile of random stuff from other kits.I want to make a board that feels more like dark corridors and alleyways, lined with pipes and cables, piled up with rusted filth-covered junk and badly lit. Walls spattered and lined with dirty water, rust, chemicals, mud, ash, corrosion, filth and pollution. The remains of stencilled Imperial Gothic numbers, words, symbols and other markings, and posters can still just be made-out but they are layered with grime.Stacked cargo containers with walkways and ladders, boxes and barrels scattered about. Signs and notices (gambling den, drinking hole, food vendor, etc.). Street lamps attached to walls and walkways. Built into abandoned Sector Mechanicus factory machinery. I want it to feel like a settlement in the ruins of an ancient disused factory complex.Cold FurnaceGalvanic WalkCold Furnace and Galvanic Walk will be able to be linked together, in a number of different ways. This is just an example:There is a long way to go on both of these but I feel like they are off to a solid start.... […]

  • Have I got Crows for you!
    by Ynneadwraith on November 10, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    Clockwork thoughts chattered through the crow-priest's brain. This truly was a bizarre place they found themselves in. The crow-priests understood well the processes to connect biology to bionics, but this...this was something approaching...synthesis. He was having difficulty differentiating where biology ended and technology began, one blending seamlessly into the other. It was all very...curious, he thought.+++=I= Archive search: Valravn+++...cogitating......cogitating...>Classification: Homo Corvus, Abhuman (stable)>Status: Peripheral, Non-hostile, Astartes-orbital, Nuisance>Culture: Scavenger, Voidbound, Primitive>Threat: Negligible...>(Query) Edit data: Y/N+++N+++...>(Query) Excommunicate: Y/N......+++N+++...+++End recall++++++Thought: Knowledge is Power. Do not readily discard your advantage.+++Some sort of juvenile I believe. Shorter of stature and more feeble of spirit than even it's skittish brethren. I doubt it's a threat.So yeah that's my little crow-gang as it stands :) there's more than enough for the Iron Sleet Invitational but to be honest these guys are just so fun to make I doubt that'll be the end of them ;) […]

  • Plague Surgeon
    by Brunelleschi Yggdrasil on November 10, 2017 at 7:49 am

    Hoy os traigo una miniatura que conversioné a partir de piezas de varios de los marines de plaga de la caja Dark Imperium de Warhammer 40,000 y alguna pieza del apotecario de los Caballeros Grises (malas piezas para conversionar a la Guardia de la Muerte).La cantidad de “personajes de élite” que ha traído el nuevo Codex Guardia de la Muerte le da mucha variedad al ejercito, cada uno de estos personajes dando un bonus adicional a las unidades cercanas. Pero hay tantos que decidí hacerme alguno con conversiones. Aunque las figuras de la caja Imperio Oscuro son espectaculares, a la hora de conversionarlas son muy difíciles, la pose básica es complicada de disimular.También incluí algunos viales del apotecario de los caballeros grises colgando de la cintura de la miniatura. Tanto la mosca como el puño de combate que le quité a esta miniatura las tengo preparadas para hacer otro campeón de los marines de plaga, ¡ya la veréis!¡Saludos y seguid pintando! […]

  • Nippon army project (part two) : Samurai and Ashigaru
    by Nico on November 9, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    Hello! Time for me to share my works of the last months.  As I written in my previous message, this Nippon army is mostly composed with Historical 25mm miniatures for the moment but in the next parts I will planned to paint some fantasy monsters from the Japan culture to add the “WHB Nippon flavor”. Clans, Banners and Sashimonos.The difficulty here was to find two clans with different colors and in the same time, two clans with complementary elements.  Uesugi and Mori clans have similar design characteristics. Especially concerning the banners ( nobori and umajirushi), both clans use the circle(s) as distinctive mark on their banners. Concerning the samurai sashimono, instead of paint all of them in the same way, I preferred to paint them in different colors of allied clans. This increase the colors diversity on the battlefield!Some links to avoid the nightmare of the Samurai heraldry. The Umajirushi 17thcentury compendium, this marvelous book is a gold mine and contain lot of useful comments. Herethe same think but without English translation and comments. To finish, the unmissable website of John Stuart.  Uesugy ClanIt’s one of the most famous clan of the Sengoku period, their battle standard is marked by the red disc sun (sometimes yellow) on blue. Sashimono are white or blue with a circular crest. IThe clan was ruled Uesugi Kenshi who was one of the most powerful daimyōs of his period. While chiefly remembered for his prowess on the battlefield, Kenshin is also regarded as an extremely skillful administrator and a notorious alcoholic.His belief in the Buddhist god of war — Bishamonten. In fact, many of his followers and others believed him to be the Avatar of Bishamonten, and called Kenshin "God of War". On his battle standard is written the Chinese character “Bi” as first character of Bishamonten. Mori clanThis clan mark their red battle standard with the three white Orion’s belt stars. Sashimino are black with a white disk. So, when you mention great names and families in Sengoku Japan, usually the first ones that come to mind are the Oda, Toyotomi and Tokugawa. Then, when asked to expound upon those families, the next tier of names usually include the likes of the Hojo, Takeda and Uesugi. Very rarely will you hear the Mori mentioned among these families. For the life of me, I have no idea why.   Ashigaru“Ashigaru” units (light foot) are essentially composed by peasant in the early samurai period  (12th 14th century) but they became an essential part of any army from the Sengoku Jidai period when skirmish battles where transformed in large conflicts  (15th 16th century). They are lightly armored and wear the “jingasa” (conical hat). They trained to use the “Yari, Naginata, Yumi and the tepo” (lance, Halberd, bow and arquebuse). SamuraiThey are the iconic warriors of the Medieval Japan. In the early period, they are knew for their prowess of mounted bowmen and for their lust of dueling. At the opposite, in the late period, they loosed this individual role. They were drowned in very large army and were reduce to simple elite units. Their bows were swapped for arquebuses but their pair of katana followed them until the end of the samurai period. Samurai armor are esthetically marvelous but tricky to paint. I crossed the web to build my own pictures collection of samurai armours… Looking it again and again to understand how is build a samurai armour and find the way to paint it.You want to play? Here a bunch of armors pictures I used to paint my samurai (monted and dismonted), find the corresponding miniatures.The samurai horsmen Some of these miniatures are the great samurai lords from Sengoku jidai period. I bought these chaps for their nice armour style .Date Masamune with the asymetric moon cressent, called the "One-Eyed Dragon of Ōshu" after he missing an eye. He wearing a bullet proof armour wich he equipped all his retainers. Honda Tadakatsu, he wore a Buddist rosary slung is armour and laquired wooden antlers. And to finish, Uesugi Kenshin who wearin the usual buddist headcowl.Some of these horsemen wear the Horo, that was a type of cloak or garment attached to the back of the armour and generally used by the tsukai-ban (messenger). These "bubbles" was made of bamboo framework covored in silk. These strange ballon stop the arrows as you can see in this video.Test of Honour and Crisis Antwerp 2017It’s hard to find WHB opponent since the “End of Time “ tragedy, so, to play quickly my growing army, I rapidly succumbed to a new wargame that you probably knew: Test of Honour. Easy to learn and fast to play, cheaper in investment. It’s a nice first step for wargaming in the Medieval Japan period. Some pictures of the game we played with club partners at Crisis the last week end. Scenery and various thingsIn this last part, I'll show you various miniatures a used to play the scenario for Test of Honour rules. Some miniatures to add life to my medival japan village (Perry's and Dixon miniatures. Buildings come from Hovel range, cheapper and easy to paint.Wargames magazines For a greenhorn like me, when you want to run an exotic project like a medieval japan army… You need documentation J You can find lot of information about this period, some “how to paint”, rules, advises concerning all the samurai ranges on the market in these magazines. They’re special medieval japan issues. Wargames Illustrated 278 & 355. Wargames Soldats and Strategy 01 & 67 What's next?I started my new order on the Dixon Miniatures website, Ronins, Ninjas, War machines, Goblins, Giant Onis and Seated General vignettes. Until my order is delivery at home, I started some new units for my landsknecht Dwarf army. […]

  • The Harrowmark Run - part 7
    by WarbossKurgan on November 9, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Triumph and Treachery: Tower of Screaming Death! The campaign finale!With the Helm of Authority in their possession, the Ogresuns rushed to the Freebooter's Tower where they planned to use the tower's fell power, combined with the helm's power, to wipe out the enemy warbands. Of course, the other's will do all they can to stop this from happening!The OgresunsKaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss, Gem of Seeing, Helm of AuthorityDredger Zug - Orruk BossDubloon Dreg - OrrukFetch - OrrukBlackspot - OrrukNastyface - OrrukBad Hook - OrrukFishgutz - OrrukCapsize Naz - OrrukScupper Lug - OrrukPoxy Uzbad - OrrukFloggin Morr - OrrukWalker Plank - GrotStormy Trug - GrotDirty Morrgun - GrotDread Pirate RogUrtz - GrotMr Whalebelly - Ogor+++An angry red sun was just visible through the heavy blanket of cloud. The Harrowmark was bathed in a strange dirt-brown light. The powerful gusty wind forced the orruks to hold on to their hats and swirled dust and leaves in their eyes. Squally showers periodically soaked them with freezing rain.Kaptain Ogbad and the Ogresuns made their way back to the Freebooter's Tower, where this whole expedition had been conceived and planned. The crew were in high spirits for once, even though the forests of the Harrowmark were even more ominous looking than normal in the ruddy light and inclement weather. The crew sand crude shanties and shouted at each other, exchanging tales of their recent adventures.As they cleared the tangled woods and entered the clearing around the tower they fell silent - their old adversaries were also here in force waiting for them: The Freeguild mercenaries of the Gilded Hand and the Nighthaunts of the Ordeshal Host.+++The Ogresuns swarmed the tower under a heavy rain of crossbow fire from the Gilded Hand - Dirty Morrgun the grot,  and orruks Capsie Naz, Dubloon Dreg and Bad Hook all went down with crossbow bolts embedded in them.The Grots were told to try to delay the crossbowmen and they took that to mean hurling insults and taunts at the mercenaries.The crossbowmen took the bait and charged the grots.A Freeguild Pistoleer charged up the hill at Kaptain Ogbad.Stormy Trug killed the crossbow's standard bearer.Walker Plank fled in panic.Ogbad killed the Pistoleer [his armour appeared to be made of paper! Look at those Save rolls!!].The Ghost Ryders charged and killed Mr Whalebelly the Ogor.Ogbad killed the swordsman champion.Spirit horse killed Poxy Uzbad.The Whyte Lady charged Kalyustar of the Gilded Hand and she killed him.The Witch Hunter and the Vampire fight! She wounded him.Karol attacked Ogbad but no wounds scored.Ogbad "evil eyed" Karol and killed him.Nastyface and Dredger Zug were killed by Lyrd Radclyffe's Riders.Stormy Trug ran away.Fetch killed the swordsmen's piper.Crossbowmen's standard barer garrisoned the tower.The Whyte Lady's vorpal blade ripped through the Witch Hunter!Spirit Hosts attack the tower garrison, killed the Standard Bearer and replaced him as the garrison.Floggin Morr killed a crossbowman.By a heroic effort from the Freeguilder foot troops the Vampiress was slain!The Crossbowmen fell back after a hurried truce was called with the Ogresuns. They fired at the Spirit Hosts in the tower instead.A Spirit Host outside the tower killed one of the swordsman.The last orruk died as the Ghost Riders ran down the pirate crew. A Spirit Host was dispelled by crossbow fire.The riders closed in on the Kaptain.Kaptain Ogbad fell to the Hex Wraith's scythes!Just three Freeguild remained to face a Spirit Host (that still garrisoned the tower) and three Riders.The crossbow and bowman died and the lone survivor fled, which meant...The Ordeshal Host won the battle, the tower and the campaign!+++The Ogresuns ran through the tangles forests, thorny branches grasped and tore their clothes. Most of them were wounded and all of them were shaken. They didn't know which way they were heading or where their boat was they just did their best to stay together as a group.In the growing darkness the unnatural noises of the forest grew louder...+++This was one of my favourite campaigns so far! I really enjoyed the story and the atmosphere of the Harrowmark setting.I think the setup worked very well - the main story of the campaign was roughly scripted as four Triumph & Treachery battle plans to be played out in a pre-set order (the "A-plot"): Whenever all three of us could get together we played the next in the list. If only two of us could play we picked one of "B-plot" ideas to flesh out what our warbands were doing the rest of the time. These were in no set order and we chose which one to play based on what had happened so far.We will be using this format again for our next campaigns! […]

  • Hell Dorado Ashoka – Sizing!
    by Azazel on November 9, 2017 at 3:25 am

    I’ve been asked a few times in different places just how big the Ashoka model actually is. Because apparently my memory is getting worse, I keep forgetting about that, and then forgetting to photograph it alongside some other models. So I finally remembered – here he/she (I’m not looking to check!) is alongside a standard … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Star Speeder
    by Allison M. on November 9, 2017 at 1:29 am

    Scout Speeder15 mm scaleWhen the People's Planetary Protectorate military procurement team requested a speeder design from a collective that made agricultural equipment, they really should have known what to expect: a speeder that looks like a tractor.  But, built around a compact power plant designed to drive 30-ton megaharvesters, the unattractive result was what the committee ultimately described as "extremely zippy".Model is a Ground Zero Games "Eurasian Union Jet Bike".Forest patrol in a remote area offers an opportunity to "punch it" […]

  • Battles with the Butterfly
    by Mr Saturday on November 8, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    Come at me bro. You can't beat the butterfly.No miniatures for you guys today. Today it's time for a meandering ramble on the wealth of gaming goodness that can lead to hobby paralysis. Read on for pure hobby navel gazing.Still here? Must be a slow day. Take a pew then. Here, hold this. No no, it's meant to be wet. So, at the moment I'm trying to break in the hobby butterfly and get saddle on the damn thing. I've reached that critical juncture where I can't justify starting any new projects until I've gotten some existing ones to a level I'm happy with. There's just... too many.It's a time where my every niche preference has been fully catered for. Well, almost every preference, but that's a discussion for my OTHER blog. Want fimir? Here you go, Forge world now offer a small but hopefully growing selection. (It's too much to hope for a plastic box of fimm warriors. Or is it GW? Eh?) Genestealer cult? There you are, a plastic box set for every type of hybrid, upgrade sprues and all the characters. Gone is the time I would hunt across the web for appropriate bits for 3rd generation Ymgarl hybrid, though that was fun, to be fair. Like War of the Worlds and Mars Attacks? Why here are entire ranges of kits to keep you going for decades. Add to that my love of undead, and I can get undead humans / orcs / elves / dwarves / goblins / skaven / ogres / cowboys / astronauts / Napoleonics / policemen / dogs / trolls / clowns / pirates / fairies / halflings / gogodancers / etc infinity.So, with this deluge of gloriousness, what's a man to do? Start one project after another is what. Go from game to game like a sugar frenzied five year old running madly to every gaudily lit multi-coloured stand at the county fair.While my fimir are already a decent force, I have a BIG box of stuff I'd like to add to them. I could triple the size of the army without reaching the bottom of that box. Fianna fimm and nobles are something I'd love to add next. My genestealer cult is looking embarrassingly tiny, and again, BIG box of stuff waiting. My Shadow Empire project has cavalry, chariots, vampires and undead snakemen to add. My Khorne Age of Sigmar Skirmish warband is almost there, but I have plans to expand it to Paths to Glory size. My undead are singing their siren song, and that Frostgrave warband want to expand to a Dragon Rampant size army. There are a raft of secondary projects too, Martian tripods, undead astronauts, zombie Russians, Chaos renegades, but we won't go down that rabbit hole.My gaming pals are also constantly providing mojo for new projects with the continual supply of lovingly painted minis. This is a boon to me, as a gentle kick up the arse combined with group projects has increased my output no end. I don't get a ton of hobby time, and I'm relatively slow, so that's a big plus. They too give provide temptation to stray from the path though. There's nothing wrong with taking a break to work on something new, big projects can be draining, but too many unfinished projects can be a mindworm.Anyhow. I'm working on some of Blood Moon Miniatures new Bog Raiders at the moment, as well of Oakbound's OOP fimir piper and Krakon Games' Goll warrior. (I'm finishing something else first, but more on that down the road.) See what I mean? Three separate companies making fim... I mean cyclopean swamp dwellers. Niche catered for. The Bloodmoon miniatures are really very nice indeed, sharper and more defined than the original raiders. I've wanted to paint up the Oakbound piper for years, he's a lovely mini, and the Goll, he looks like a perfect shearl to me. Some pics once they get to pics level.Once all those are done it's time for a think on what next. We're in a golden age for the hobby, there's so damn much it makes your head spin.Maybe I'll do some Shadespire warbands... […]

  • Space Wolves Breacher Marines Converted
    by NafNaf on November 7, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    Soooo, as you can probably tell by the relative silence from me, that I have failed on the dreadtober pledge to finish my Deredeo. Between one thing and another I did not get past the final wash stage on the armour plates. Not too worried about it though, just got to go with the flow :). I am itching (and need) to do some work on La Danse Macabre for my local club tourney that is in a few weeks, so hopefully that will get my hobby juices flowing again and you will get an update on this fairly long neglected project again.In the meantime here are some Space Wolf breacher marines I converted up a little while ago. I have been on a bit of a drive to reduce the pile of shame that is in my garage, and build or sell all the stuff I have, so it can at least be used in some games rather than languishing in a box for eveI don't play Heresy anymore since Forgeworld announced their decision to stick with 7th (booo) but I still love the fluff and have a few heresy minis sitting in the wings that I want to build and paint for my collection. This unit was one of those. The plastic marines are from the burning of prospero box set, which is a great and cheap way to get some mkIII armour, which is synonymous with breacher marines. I converted one of the marines with an antennae so he can be used as a nunceo vox carrier at a pinch. I saw a review for some custom laser cut shields awhile ago from ML Shields who has a shop on facebook and bought a load. I really like the wolf motifs on the shields, it adds some wolfy flavour to an otherwise quite plain (on the wolfy scale) unit. The sergeant has been magnetised so I can swap his CC weapon depending on need, but the rest of the squad is stock.These will not get painted for awhile but I am pleased the assembly is finished, and I think they look pretty cool too!NafNaf […]

  • The House of Yakob - Another Building for Helsreach
    by axiom on November 7, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    I know the title of this post says Helsreach, but I've decided I could do with naming my own distinct settlement as a different setting for all my buildings. Something like 'Blackdust Gulch' or 'Edge Town' perhaps. I'll give it some thought.Today's post shows off the newest addition to the collection of buildings - a mid-sized two-storey house which has become the dwelling of the merchant Yakob Pento (now he's moved from Necromunda, where we last saw him!).Read more » […]

  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolves Primaris Inceptor
    by Dave Kelly on November 6, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    I misplaced October. How careless of me.A couple of weeks away and an unexpected bout of conjunctivitis ruled out most of my October painting. Turns out if you can't focus on the figure in front of you, painting is basically impossible. Happily that's in the past and we can move back to a focus on painting.Let's start November correctly instead, shall we? Here's my completed Primaris Inceptor Sergeant to get things moving.Fun things on this model include the OSL effect on the jump engines and weathering. So much weathering. Not-so-fun things are the massive guns, I really struggled with these and couldn't quite make sense of them and remain unsatisfied with what I achieved. My base red isn't right for trying to highlight into yellows, then I did a poor job executing it, so it will be reviewed for the next one.I realised after finishing it up that this isn't meant to be the Sergeant model, as those have a slightly different armour shape in front of the face - but there you have it. This shall be different, because it can.The rest of the squad are on the table and getting close to completion. That should keep me busy over the next week. […]

  • Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines – Obliterators #2
    by Azazel on November 6, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Obliterators. They’re not good models, and we all know this. The current models aren’t that old, but they’re old enough to have been retired and replaced with models that aren’t shit. These models are less shit than the original ones – those are really shit, but these ones are shit too. Just less so. Still, I … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Reich to the Rancor
    by airbornegrove26 on November 6, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    G'day M8's...do you like vampires, do you like nazi zombies, how about bikini babes who are friends with rancors?If you are then read along as Count Grabbo is up to his old tricks...and has somehow released Nazi Zombies into Adventure Land!At the moment he is in pursuit of a feral bikini babe, who holds the knowledge of where a Rancor is. Moawr Blud » […]

  • Rogue Trader - The Opening Statement
    by Whiskey Priest on November 6, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    That is the first full statement you read in the 1987 Warhammer 40,000 : Rogue Trader rule book.It was important.Read more » […]

  • Tank & bone
    by demi_morgana on November 5, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    Hey again,This time it's only quick update - since the last post I've only managed to finish another piece of armour for my Bolt Action US force:M3A1 Stuart, light tank.Initially I didn't plan to add this bit to my collection but while purchasing some paints I spotted it in the store and checked gaming profile. Dependable on version it:- is rather cheap,- has 2 MMGs + light AT gun,- has recce special rule,- can exhange recce and front MMG for flamethrower (!),- not mentioning it's Italeri's production which always means top quality. There are several assembly options but I decided the basic one: no extra fuel tanks and early type of turret. Let's be frank: all I care about is that puker on the front...Painting is no surprise:exactly the same, well tested color scheme. Didn't even try to test anything new - it must fit well what's already painted. The only modification is some extra varnish protection:before sealing it with matt model was sprayed with gloss varnish to keep dry pigments where I want them and also to prevent paint from scraping off during transportation. Here's the result: And some handicraft, or rather: "bonicraft".Last summer I got section of some animal's (most probably) backbone found in a forest. Apart from dirt it was cleam piece. It was partially covered with greenish, pale olive moss.First idea was to use if on scenic base (Plain of Bones in the Old World) but then I thought to make something more practical: pen holder.All in all it was pretty quick job.First the bone got chemical bath just to be sure it's safe for everyday use. Sadly that lovely olive color vanished revealing nice aged bone. It was varnished for easier cleaning.Then I got ~10cm diameter round, wooden plith which was also covered with gloss sealer.These were assembled with 1mm thick rod and voila!, already in use:And since it's about old bones:last week there was small discussion about oldie Nagash model, from Undead range.Remember Bozo, the clown?Veteran Warhammer players probably do, this model causes lots of emotions, mostly negative. But long story short - it turned out before it was released there was other version of that stupid skill, WAY better.Anyway I realised back days I've never seen it in action and didn't manage to get the model until like a year ago? Somehow it looks like more fun and challenge that new placcy version. Model is now being washed off so expect news from the grave coming with the next post.And to make waiting more pleasant - have a look at brilliant Mark Gibbons' offical artwork...\m/ […]

  • To 28 Or Not To 28
    by Richard Smith on November 5, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    Hi!Well I've spent another action packed few days at work and am finally presented with a much needed day off which has given me the opportunity to start thinking about the mini warband project that I have been pondering for some time.I've settled on a fantasy army, if for no other reason I've been sorely tempted for quite some time and would like to put together some sort of skirmish warband initially before fleshing it out into a larger force if the project goes well.With this in mind, I have been trying to settle on a ruleset that will give me a decent flexibility and have narrowed it down somewhat.At present, I am actually thinking of going for either Age of Sigmar or Dragon Rampant as both are simple, straight forward games that scale easily and actually look like quite good fun to play. As tempted as I am to go for a full on Fantasy Battle army, I suspect that the sheer quantity of figures that I'd need to paint would kill whatever enthusiasm I had for the project.Another option I am pondering is to use Age of Sigmar Skirmish or Mordheim as a starting place and seeing how things go. That way I would be able to start with a handful of figures and build up to something a bit larger...With that in mind, I need to settle on what army to get things going with and at present it's a toss up between Goblins and Dwarves as both appeal to me visually. Following some advice from the previous post, I may attempt to work through two rival warbands and chronicle their rivalries over some long forgotten patch of land.Hopefully I'll get settled on what approach I want to go for and see if I can paint up a small squad to get the ball rolling!All the best! […]

  • Dreadtober 2017 Completion #2: Mentor Legion Dreadnought
    by Azazel on November 5, 2017 at 6:06 am

    Today we have the second (and last) model I finished for Dreadtober 2017. When I restarted on this model for Dreadtober, most of the basic work was already done. Long done in some parts, and then piecemeal during the various times I’ve tried to make myself complete the model over the years, but it had … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Choose Your Own Adventurers #13: The Navigator
    by axiom on November 3, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Following on from cheetor's lovely Squat miner, it's my turn in the 'Choose Your Own Adventurers' series.According to Wikipedia (on the subject of Theosophical beliefs) "humans had in far ancient times an actual third eye in the back of the head with a physical and spiritual function. Over time, as humans evolved, this eye atrophied and sunk into what today is known as the pineal gland...by extending an "etheric tube" from the third eye, it is possible to develop microscopic and telescopic vision."I suspect on the basis of this, and other spiritual beliefs, the concept of the Imperium's Navigators was born - after all, they have a third eye and can see weird stuff!Read more » […]

  • New post, new launch, new focus
    by Wailslake on November 3, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    So I have decided to try and relaunch this blog (on the sly) as a place to collate all my gaming and hobby stuff from the last year and now on.I have a habit of creating very specific blogs (Tales from Shyish being the last example) that run out of steam as I complete a project or collection and then...well have nothing more to say about it!  I am terrible at recording games as I forget within 1 turn what has happened and to take photos.Instead this time I shall just try and collate everything and all I get up to in one place.Lets see how far this one gooes eh? […]

  • Malignant Plaguecaster
    by Brunelleschi Yggdrasil on November 3, 2017 at 7:13 am

    Como últimamente utilizo mucho a este personaje, me decidí a terminarlo. Se trata de una miniatura con un toque muy carismático: un nubarrón de plaga invocado desde su boca de vete a saber tú que guarrerías del reino de Nurgle, con moscardones incluidos.Cuando este psíquico está cerca de sus enemigos les va provocando heridas mortales una a una según va invocando poderes psíquicos, siempre que saque 7 o más en la tirada.En alguna ocasión he probado a incluirle el bastón pandémico, para tener una mayor facilidad de sacar el poder “castigo” y también su regla “lluvia pestilente”. ¡Todo risas!Una cose que le quedaría bien es una peana de 40 mm, ya que esta miniatura rebosa de la de 32 mm. El resto de "personajes de élite" la llevan y sin embargo el de CG lleva la misma que los demás marines de plaga.Quizás en el futuro le incluya algún tipo de escrito a las pieles que lleva colgando a su espalda. Como una especie de grimorio escrito en la piel de antiguos adversarios.También tengo en mente, si quisiera crear un 2º plaguecaster, conversionarlo mezclando las miniaturas extra que tengo de malignant plaguecaster y noxious blightbringer para tener dos personajes distintos.¡Saludos y seguid pintando! […]

  • Dreadtober 2017 Completion #1: Iron Warriors Dreadnought/Hellbrute
    by Azazel on November 3, 2017 at 3:04 am

    Hey! I actually managed to finish some stuff. This is my third try at getting this post done because stuff keeps happening! At least the first bump was only a flat camera battery. Anyway – here’s the stuff you’re here for: Pics! So as I’ve mentioned a few times before, this model was one I … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Citizens of Mancunius Dome, Part 2
    by WarbossKurgan on November 2, 2017 at 9:56 am

    This is a small project that I have been meaning to get round to all year: 40K Civilians. The Inq28 style mini campaigns we have been playing, set in the Mancunius Dome area of the Necromunda underhive, have been sorely missing innocent bystanders and non-combatant NPCs. So I looked through my old copy of the Necromunda Sourcebook for appropriately underhive styled non-combatant roles, as I want each NPC to be recognisable as having a job or role of some kind, not just a faceless nobody. Most of them were inspired by entries in  the Territory Table.The latest White Dwarf includes a reference to forthcoming Necromunda models for water prospectors, lamplighters and dock workers, so these guys are only the beginning as far as I'm concerned.So, here are the first half-dozen completed underhive inhabitants: A slime farmer"How can you tell he's an inquisitor?""He ain't all covered in slime!"The pay-mistressHanding out the day's coin to a minerA minerA water-sellerThe water-seller's unhappy customerA factory workerHe considers himself lucky to have lost his right arm in the accident, as it means he can use the augmetic his father left him...The lowly citizens of Mancunius DomeFinally, the friendly doc (I made Potion Maester Dalton at the start of the year but he fits in with this group nicely I think) […]

  • The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 5
    by WarbossKurgan on November 1, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    Warphead Ghizzud was a member of a Snakebite clan until he Jumped a whole warband into a nest of angry dino-squigs. He was the only survivor and the rest of his tribe made it clear they didn't want him around anymore. He was exiled when the rest of the clan made planetfall to join Waaagh! Bork he was set adrift alone in a space hulk.The hulk slipped into the empyrean again and he was carried on the tides of the warp to the Ghoul Stars where he was found by the Dust Hogz when they boarded the hulk. He was... changed somewhat by the journey, but Warboss Throttle saw how powerful he was and made it clear that he was now part of the crew. […]

  • Trick or Treat
    by Allison M. on November 1, 2017 at 3:35 pm

    Well, the Iron Man costume I posted about previously turned out... okay.My own costume, Furiosa from "Mad Max: Fury Road", was a fairly major crafting effort too:We made a pretty sharp trick-or-treating crew, I think.  Alas my wife didn't have any costume ideas she wanted to go with, but I told her that next year if she thinks of something I'll do whatever it takes to help make it happen :) […]

  • Traitor-ish terminator mashup
    by Steve Casey on November 1, 2017 at 11:30 am

    This was one of those "grab something out of the lead pile" projects, and it helped that he was already assembled and primed when he emerged. He's a classic RT era traitor terminator - or at least his body is - one of three that was available back in the day (image from Stuff of Legends website):The thing is, he had "loyalist" arms, so I retconned him to being "on the turn" to chaos in the Horus Heresy.I decided to make him a Word Bearer so I went for a modern colour scheme to suit this Legion:I base-coated him in Vallejo Black Red, which I find to be a great base colour for any dark/deep red colour scheme. I then painted him with Forge World's Word Bearers Red paint, with a final highlight of Foundry scarlet. The greens are various GW greens, and I like the way they look with the red.Now the trouble is that when I started painting him I noticed he had some pretty bad mould slippage, which went beyond simple mould lines. You may be able to see some of it on the bolter and bolter arm shoulder plate. I managed to ignore this initially but as the painting went on it started annoying me more and more, until eventually I just rushed to finish (which is probably evident by the colour of the sword!).Lesson learned - next time check the figure carefully before starting... […]

  • Night Horrors Werewolf
    by sho3box on October 31, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Its Halloween! I started painting this werewolf from the Citadel Night Horrors range last week, as part of an upcoming project.  When Curis saw a WIP, he pointed out that there was a Halloween Night Horrors painting event taking place on a Facebook group, so I quickly finished the hairy guy (it’s definitely a “he”) […]

  • Eternian Flame: Muffman
    by airbornegrove26 on October 31, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    G'day M8's!  Back in August, Asslessman over at the Scale Creep proposed that we indulge in a bit of nostalgia with a group project in homage to the most heroic of 1980s heroes: He Man.  Well duh if it's He Man I had to be involved.  LOL  I went with a bit of Halloween Horror Slasher Film angle. ;)Muffman was a forgotten character on a forgotten cartoon from the 80s.  After only his second episode ever, he was abandoned in the woods.  There were rumors and sightings.  Then he was all but forgotten never to be seen again...till now!Moawr Blud » […]

  • Crows 2 and 3
    by Ynneadwraith on October 31, 2017 at 11:08 am

    Getting into the swing of things now :) I've also come up with a little poem to go alongside them for the ~200 word background aspect for the Invitational which I'm dead chuffed with :) it uses the structure and theme of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven and aspects of the Thorn Moons and Migs' excellent XX Alpha Legion army.'pon the ruin'd moon of Hyllas, spake the legionary Pallas,"Cast thou hence from in the shadows, lest I smite thee duly, or-speak thy name if Thorne or craven.", 'pon which from its darkened havenStepped a grim and tattered raven wand'ring from the Nightly shore"Tell me what thy wretched name is 'mongst this pale and icy hoar”Quoth the raven "Nevermore.""We spy thine ships by moonfall's aft, thy manifold and blackened craftLoiter round the Rout like stormclouds, scavengers like crows of yore. Chatter caw and bicker hasten. Ears and eyes and spies and graven-ones the Wolves do brand 'Valravn', we have spied thine ilk before.By what hubris think thine arms might stand afore the might of Thorne?Speak no more of 'nevermore'."The raven's head did tilt and twist and quizzically it viewed him henceYet Pallas stayed his mighty blade, confusion gripping soul and more"Wherefore art thou masters brave then? Tombstones 'pon which names engraven."Yet unflinching stood it's brazen gaze that burnt through armoured core "Hydra's heads shall reign supreme from dust to dust and Throne to Thorne."Quoth the raven 'Nevermore."Within Pallas rose an ire as a raging inner fireImpudence of wretch's tongue like insults flung hast brought it fore.Sadly rage obscured unshaven brutes within said Nightly havenHydra's blood ran through the cave in ruddy pools along the floor.Thence the skull of Pallas stands resplendent 'bove the raven's door.Thorne supreme reigns nevermore. […]

  • Warhammer 40k: Ork Deffkoptas/Jet Bikes completed
    by Crucium Giger on October 31, 2017 at 9:52 am

    After a late night session on the Orks I have managed to finish the Jet Bikes/Deffkoptas just in time for the end of Orktober.After first seeing the the Jet bikes at BOYL 17 (available from http://shop.ramshacklegames.co.uk/) I knew I had to have some for my Ork army and I think they fit in well with the Rogue Trader/2nd Ed look.  The sheer amount of parts I had to play with on these meant that I was like the proverbial  kid in a candy store, each bike is unique but there are elements on them all that tie them together so it looks like one nutty Ork Mech threw these together (namely me).For the paint scheme there was only ever one way to go and that was red and to help them match in with the rest of the army check marks were also the order of the day (I think i'm seeing these in my sleep now).  For the kustom arms the boyz are sporting I used some of the newer GW paints (Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust) to give them a bit of depth and wear.  This is the first time I've used these so didn't go overboard with them but they work really well and are going to see a lot of use when I get to Nurgle's minions.As I was happy with how these turned out I thought I'd get some decent photos of them but after setting everything up I discovered the camera battery was flat so the phone camera had to do at a push but even so these haven't come out too badly considering.As I had everything set up I thought I'd also takes some snaps of some of the other keys Orks I've been working on for the army to give them a better showing than a work space shot.Finally here's a quick work in progress shot of what is up next and is (for now) the last pieces for the army, as also any comments and criticism are welcome. […]

  • Curse You Warhammer!
    by Richard Smith on October 31, 2017 at 12:11 am

    Well the title says it all really!We've had an interesting week here with colds, tooth removal, floods at work and a new kitten called Mab joining the family.During all this I have found myself pondering a bit of a Warhammer or 40k project and worse yet, I am contemplating doing it in 28mm scale, despite my attempts to move to a smaller scale!I have to admit that I have typed up this post and deleted it about half a dozen times in the last few weeks as I seem to dither about just what I am going to do with myself hobby wise. Maybe it's some part of me wanting to relive my youth and rediscover the enjoyment of collecting and painting an army before leading it into battle or maybe just that the smaller scale stuff lacks a bit of the character of the larger figures.It's a rather odd position to find myself in but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I want to explore some good old fashioned 2nd edition 40k or even 4th edition Fantasy Battle. The problem is that almost all of the figures from the period are now out of production and the likes of Ebay seems to have changed from a good source for reasonably priced figures into a place that sells overpriced recasts or 'pro painted' tat.I'm thinking that the solution may be to use current figures and paint them up in the classic stylings of early to mid 90's classic GW. Now if I go down this route I will need to set myself quite a few limitations and provisos before going mental and buying a ton of plastic and then never painting or indeed using it.What I need is a plan and some easily attainable objectives to turn whatever half baked scheme I come up with into a usable and enjoyable hobby experience rather than a project that get started then abandoned like so many have before.Therefore, I think I need to go for the following guidelines:Maximum spend £20 a month. If I overspend one month, the next month has a smaller budget to reflect this.No buying of any more gubbins until the existing figures are painted.Aim to build and paint 100 points of figures a month.Build a selection of useful scenery to go with the project over a twelve month period.Blog the process!Now the other thing I need to settle on is an army to aim towards. Whilst I would love to recreate my old Dwarven host, I don't think I have the space to put together a multi thousand point army. I think I should set myself another guideline.Aim to put together a force of 250, 500, 750 and eventually 1000 points with the aim of having a small warband or patrol ready to roll.Now what should I do about an army to settle on? I'm thinking one that doesn't require a huge number of models so a Skaven horde is possibly something to avoid for the sake of my sanity!Saying that, I am tempted to try out a force I have never had before so we shall have to see!Unsurprisingly, I am not sure if this is a project I want to begin just yet or whether I should start it in the new year once the silly season is out of the way...Anyhoo, I think I've rambled enough for the evening so I'm off to bed and will hopefully sort out what on earth I am going to do about my latest hobby delusion over the next few days!In the meantime, All the best! […]

  • Beastmen minions
    by Katsuhiko JiNNai on October 30, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    More Beastmen minions join the warband. […]

  • The New Drekport Irregulars
    by WarbossKurgan on October 30, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    My submission for the Ironsleet Invitational II – Regiments of the Thorn Moons are the New Drekport Irregulars. They are veterans of the Ghoul Stars campaigns and the Malfactus evacuations (so they can be NPCs in our campaign too!). They favour impractical masks (for reasons that seem to have been forgotten over the centuries) and personalised gear (because they are too far from Imperial supply lines most of the time).I submitted them today (not quite on the deadline but close!) […]

  • Nippon army project : Teaser!!
    by Nico on October 30, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    A quick message to show you a part of my last works , more and more individual pictures coming soon! This first step is dedicated to the "Historical" part of the Nippon army list . Here the picture represent a battle scene I build in the spirit ofthe iconical Senguku Jidai period. So, I  play to Test of Honour with these miniatures, I admit the game is really enjoyable and with my club partners I planned to finish our ToH campaign at CRISIS the next week at Antwrpen (Table G10B03).  I hope meet some OldSchool miniatures lovers! […]

  • Undead strikes back!
    by demi_morgana on October 29, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    Hey again,This time it's something to break camo colors of my US Bolt Action army, which have definitely dominated bloggy this year.A while back someone reminded me about Warheim (Polish "spin-off" of original Mordheim game, still being developed!).Some time ago I digged several undead model from ye pile ov shame and tried to assemble a warband. The project was first delayed and the forgotten (because of damn Bolt Action...) But since I need a break from painting everything mostly green and green, decision was made to finish the Vampire Count's warband and who knows - maybe throw it into action shortly.Can't remember I've ever played Mord / War - heim, so don't think band built only using models I like is effective in game, but who gives a damn.According to rulebook gang leader is a vampire, often supported by necromancer.I've always liked idea of ugly, corrupted and rotting vampires (definitely not those cutie, wimpy bitches from popular movie), so the obvious choice was Necrarch family.Sadly the only Necrarch I had was the guy wearing housecoat...Oh well... It's still Necrarch...Although vampires are powerful creatures Necrarchs are not much of fighters when it comes to brutal melee (fluff-wise that is). So Count von Housecoat dragged some of his helpers from the nearest graveyard.First one is heavy-armoured skeleton.The piece is definitely oldhammer and pleasure to paint. Colors were chosen to fit remaining undead servants. Not much mroe to be added about this guy: The other one is much more interesting in my opinion:oldie ghoul (Gary Morley's sculpt).Back days I used to totally underestimate these sculpts, I simply considered them ugly as fuck (sorry Gary...). Maybe because those were quite useless unit in Warhammer Fantasy Battle game - low leadership and that silly feed-rule. Something.But it was back days.A while back I gave them second look and realised not only they are not as much ugly as "specific" but also they are simply cool. With those weird faces those models could also be used as deep ones!Since gouls are alive I chose mix of tan + mid grey as base layer which was highlighted with some lighter grey and pale olive. This followed by some umber and olive glazes and voila! - model is ready to search fresh graves for something tasty. Model turned out bit pale but it's fine - my zombies are rather dark.And the family altogether - at this rotten stage that is.Those models should be enough for test game but there's also a plan to expand the group by adding dreg and large (40mm base) werewolf zombie - both from Reaper range.Hope you like it.  And last but not least:this month I've also painted very first human-sided model from Lord of the Rings game: Aragorn, badass king of Gondor.Perry twins did really good job on this range of minis, they are proportional, dynamic and simply cool - especially if you like LotR movies.Anyway this one is birthday gift for my kid: the pest is now 6 years young so there's a chance Aragorn will remain unbroken for like 2 weeks.I hope.Cheers! […]

  • Beastmen Warriors
    by Katsuhiko JiNNai on October 29, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    Two beastmen for my warband. […]

  • Chaos Renegade #19 Seasonal Special
    by Blue in VT on October 29, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Hi all,In the run up to Oldhammer in the Jerz (OHNW 2017) I'm attempting to finish up a couple of smallish projects.  Once of these is completing Chaos Renegade Squad 2.  I have just two figures to finish to complete this squad and today I'm happy to share with you the first of those two.As you may have noticed with the last Boar Rider and the Averland figures from the last post I have been working with my system to paint Black cloth and armor a lot lately.  And since it has been working out I decided to apply that technique to one of my Renegades.With the bulk of the armor color picked I turned my thoughts to what the contrasting color should be...and I toyed with Green....turquoise...yellow...and finally I decided to ask my daughter her opinion (my wife, who is my normal color consultant, is out of town)... She said "Dad, its practically Halloween! try Orange!"  So I did! and I think it worked out well.Read more » […]

  • Imperial Psycoborg Callsign Smile Stealer
    by Richard Smith on October 29, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    Hi!Here's a bit of a repaint of a figure that I've had in my collection for about 20 years!Originally from Alternative Armies Firefight range, he's a bit of a beast standing about 80mm tall and is armed with a large rotary cannon and plasma weapon I got from a Mantic Ork.Psychoborg J316, Callsign The Smile StealerIn an attempt to beef up security on Farpoint, the Governor General has licensed the use of several Psycoborgs. A fiendish combination of mechanical might and human cunning, the Psychoborg is one of the newer developments of the reformed Adeptus Mechanicus and utilises the brains of convicted criminals implanted directly into a mighty machine of destruction.The Smile Stealer has been licensed to the Agrax Corporation along with a detachment of adepts and charged with the defence of the Promethium processing plant outside Freeport City and has ruthlessly put down several raids against the complex.Unbeknownst to his handlers, The Smile Stealer is slowly overcoming his Imperial conditioning and it is only a matter of time before the multiple tonne adamantium killing machine goes on a psychopathic rampage. The only thing keeping him in check is the pleasure he gets from the carnage he gets to commit in his current role.Armed with a Grimm class rotary laser, Flashfire class plasma launcher and power fist, heavy Psychoborgs are more than a match for most foes that the Imperium faces.The Smile Stealer in action against a Badmoon raiding party.I really like the big guy, despite some rather rough mould lines and seemingly forged from Dwarven Mithril due to my utter inability to carve said lines off the beast. I hope to play a game or two featuring the beast as well as a special rule with the chance of The Smile Stealer breaking his Imperial conditioning and running amok. Imagine the fun of having a monster like that appearing from time to time during a campaign to take some skulls before vanishing out into the wastes. I now need to put together a bunch of techs and boffins as well as a Mechanicus reclamation team sent to hunt him down when he inevitably goes mental!All the best! […]

  • Dutch Revolting
    by Whiskey Priest on October 29, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    The table before the action kicked off, complete with brand new windmillI thought you'd like to share some of the pics I took of the Dutch Revolt game I ran at the club I've started to attend in Devon. I'm not going to write a complete report as I've already written one for the clubs website. You can read it here if you like.Read more » […]

  • Trash Bash competition - The outpost
    by Asslessman on October 29, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Brian Roe from Roebeast's magical house of sunshine has organised a new edition of the Trash Bash competition on the Facebook page.I have to say trash bashing has never been my forte so I thought I'd use the occasion to take part and come up with something for once !You can read the full rules on his blog but the main points were the following :Contestants will construct and paint a vehicle or structure inspired by the terms ASSAULT/SIEGE. Concepts do not have to be military in nature and can embody any ideas that the entrant sees as viable.The required bit is a medicine package. From pill bottles to blister packs, any bit that once held or dispensed some sort of medicine is validSo I tried to look in my stash for suitable pieces I could repurpose and came up with those :Read Moar Skullz » […]

  • Life in 2 colours - a painting exercise
    by Asslessman on October 28, 2017 at 10:39 am

    And now for something completely different and a little unexpected, here's a little painting exercise ! I've decided to take part in a little online painting challenge a couple of weeks ago. The rules were pretty simple : the only pots available had to be black, white, turquoise and orange !Working with a limited palette should be OK, I'm used to it I thought... And then reality struck me in the face...If model painters are ranked from "tournament minimum 3 colours" to "master level multi awarded god" well.... I guess I'm firmly stuck somewhere in the grey area in between.Now what drives my painting ?Read Moar Skullz » […]

  • And now a break from your normal programming schedule... Kings Of War: Vanguard
    by Crucium Giger on October 27, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    Not a normal post from me (though don't worry the Ork jetbikes are close to being completed so pictures will be up soon) but as you may know I'm a keen fan of the Kings of War rules from Mantic, not only for use with their own miniatures but for large scale games of Lord Of The Rings.  Well they're expanding the world of Mantica with a new game system which looks very promising, Kings Of War: Vanguard.Here's the blurb from Mantic:Before the first charge, before weapons clash in brutal close combat, before the victor gathers the spoils of war, battles in Mantica can be won by the brave deeds of small, elite bands of warriors. These are the fighters relied upon by their commanders to identify tactical positions, light beacons to show their comrades the fastest route, or harry and disrupt their enemy’s vital supplies. If the raiding parties do their job well, the war is won long before the battle lines have even been drawn.FANTASY SKIRMISH RULES – take command of a crack team of elite fighters, including captains, support units, weapons experts, along with grunts and warriors to overwhelm the oppositionIN-DEPTH CAMPAIGN SYSTEM – track the progress of your key members to earn experience and gain new abilities or improved statsFULLY COMPATIBLE WITH KINGS OF WARS – use the incredibly detailed, dynamic miniatures from Vanguard as the heroes or elite troops in your Kings of War army3D SCENERY – use Mantic’s new range of pre-assembled, plastic TerrainCrate scenery to bring your skirmishes to life, and with lots of different scenarios to play, every battle will look – and play - differentlyINNOVATIVE RULES – issue special commands in the heat of battle with the unique Power Dice abilities, and gather your troops with the Group Actions EQUIP YOUR FIGHTERS – ahead of the fight, choose from a range of equipment to improve the abilities of your characters, or unlock new and more powerful abilities during campaign play I see a lot of promise in not only the rules system itself but also the potential of being able to cross over into full on games of KOW or even Dungeon Saga in one narrative arc.  I've already got myself some bases coming from www.warbases.co.uk so that both my Lord of the Rings/Hobbit and Conan miniatures can sit inside them (https://warbases.co.uk/?product=regiment-tray-25mm-slots-2mm-top-layer the 1x1 option here for those interested) as square basing in integral to the rules.  More importantly Mantic have put up the Alpha rules so that you can give them a try:Download Vanguard RulesIf you're interested in the game why not give it a try and then head over to the Vanguard Fanatics group on Facebook to let Mantic know how your games went and chat with other players.From what we've already seen we'll be jumping in on the Kickstarter and probably have a game this weekend, now to get out those Abyssals from Dungeon Saga... […]

  • Minotaur
    by Katsuhiko JiNNai on October 27, 2017 at 11:47 am

    A Minotaur join the beastmen warband.the Minotaur with his beastman leader […]

  • First Test-Crow
    by Ynneadwraith on October 27, 2017 at 11:07 am

    I'm rather pleased :) pretty time consuming mixing up various shades of greeny/bluey black (thanks Zab for the suggestion!) that sort of look little different from each other, but I suppose if that was the aim in the first place I shouldn't complain ;)I can tell however that these guys will be a pain in the backside to photograph...Also, I've been thinking of  trying a bit of snow effect on patches of the base. The story is that as a sort of herald of the metaphorical winter that's falling upon the Thorne Moons the weather itself has changed, heralding winter and the coming of the Wolves :)If anyone's got any tips or experiences of making patchy light snow (or snow-effect of any sort) work well I'm all ears :) […]

  • Hacking the head off me Nob for Orktober!
    by Mr Papafakis on October 27, 2017 at 9:09 am

    Been a while since my last blog post hasn't it fellas! I've got a good excuse though, after severely  injuring myself during a masturbatory incident I was left unable to hobby for a few months. A word of warning to all you kiddies out there, slow and steady wins the race. Anyway, minis...... Over the past couple of years I've been able to track down all of the old RT Ork Nobz, for use in running […]

  • Guardia de la Muerte vs Adeptus Mechanicus, Capa y Sombras
    by Brunelleschi Yggdrasil on October 27, 2017 at 6:33 am

    “Atacarían al anochecer, como antaño, era sorprendente que en diez mil años no hubiesen cambiado eso. Porque Belisarius Cawl todavía podía recordar, si revisaba sus bases de datos más antiguas, la orgullosa y ejemplar legión que una vez fueron. Pero nunca más, ahora no eran más que una aborrecible parodia de vida que solo seguía en pie por las mismas energías disformes que les habían arrebatado toda humanidad”...A la espera del codex Eldar los adoradores de la maquina se enfrentan a mi Guardia de la Muerte. En esta misión nuestras tropas cuentan como si estuvieran en cobertura si el enemigo les dispara desde más de 18” y nuestras cartas de objetivos tácticos son secretas para el contrario.Para esta ocasión decidí probar los exterminadores de la guardia de la muerte (por fin tenemos unos exterminadores con asquerosamente resistentes) equipados con 4 combiplasmas y un combimelta, acompañados por un Señor del Caos exterminador (que no tiene ni R5 ni “asquerosamente resistente”), por si los plasmas.Quería usar menos poxwalkers así que reduje a una el número de unidades de estos y metí dos de marines de plaga acompañados de un campanero y un plague surgeon.Por su parte el adeptus mechanicus viene encabezado por el mismísimo Belisarius Cawl, con el apoyo de los temibles robots kastelan y un onager, además de unidades de skitarii como líneas y unos electrosacerdotes para darme cuerpo a cuerpo.Despliegue La Guardia despliega intentando cubrir el máximo de objetivos. El Adeptus se expande en su zona de despliegue, evitando que los exterminadores del Caos les sorprendan por cualquiera de sus flancos.Turno 1 Guardia de la MuerteEl señor del Caos y su escolta de exterminadores despliegan sin esperar un momento y desatan sus combiplasmas a máxima potecia contra los robots kastelan, derribando a uno y dañando otro (la estratagema de "veteranos de la Guerra Eterna" vino que ni pintada en este momento). El resto del ejército toma los objetivos 2 y 3 (los más cercanos a la zona de despliegue propia).Turno 1 Adeptus MechanicusEl onager enfila su cañón hacia el rhino de Nurgle, junto al fuego de apoyo de los skitarii cercanos acaban destruyendo el vehículo a pesar de las granadas de humo que lo rodeaban, consiguiendo primera sangre.Los electrosacerdotes avanzan por el flanco derecho hacia las líneas nurglescas, preparados para robar la Fuerza Motriz de esos corruptos marines.Por el flanco izquierdo concentran el fuego sobre los exterminadores de plaga. Acabando con la escolta del señor del caos.Puntos de Victoria: Guardia de la Muerte 2 - Adeptus Mechanicus 1Turno 2 Guardia de la MuerteLos marines de plaga que salieron de destruido rhino se adelantaron al resto de la línea, descargando sus rifles de fusión sobre el onager. Con el apoyo de los rifles de plasma sobrecargados de los marines del bosque, el tanque del adeptus acaba reducido a metal retorcido (consiguiendo así el objetivo "potencia de fuego aplastante").Los zombis de plaga avanzan para cubrir a su señor mientras este dispara su rifle de fusión al robot kastelan que queda.Turno 2 Adeptus MechanicusGran cantidad de poxwalkers son segados para intentar llegar al señor del Caos.Los electrosacerdotes, apoyados por un tecnosacerdote y algunos skitarii, asaltan a los marines de plaga con rifles de fusión, y usando la estratagema "congregación devota" consiguen acabar con ellos (consiguiendo una invulnerable de 3+ para el resto de la batalla). Además, en su celo, los electrosacerdotes acaban trabando a los marines de plaga que se encuentran en el bosque.Puntos de Victoria:  Guardia de la Muerte 3 - Adeptus Mechanicus 2Turno 3 Guardia de la MuerteEl señor del caos sigue avanzando hacia las líneas amigas mientras dispara al robot kastelan (El cual posteriormente será reparado por el datasmith que le acompaña).El resto del ejército de la Guardia de la Muerte acaba en una gran melee para acabar con los fanáticos sacerdotes de Marte.Turno 3 Adeptus MechanicusEl dominus y los skitarii asaltan para proteger al electrosacerdote que queda en pie.El señor del caos es abatido tras quedarse sin la marea de zombis que le protegía (consiguiendo el objetivo secundario "matar al señor de la guerra"). Mientras unos skitarii que se encuentran en las ruinas consiguen defender el objetivo 5 durante dos turnos.Electosacerdotes y skitarii caen ante la guardia de la muerte. Queda la pelea entre el tecnosacerdote del mechanicus y el hechicero y el campanero del caos.Puntos de Victoria: Guardia de la Muerte 3 - Adeptus Mechanicus 5Turno 4 Guardia de la MuerteTras acabar con el tecnosacerdote dominus la guardia de la muerte avanza hacia las líneas enemigas a la espera de la respuesta del mechanicus.Turno 4 Adeptus MechanicusLos representantes de Marte arrasan con los zombis que quedan y después con los marines de plaga que se encontraban tras una nube de moscas. A la Guardia de la Muerte ya solo disponía de 3 personajes para seguir la batalla y además ya se acercaba la hora de cierre del local así que decidimos dejarlo aquí.Puntos de Victoria Finales: Guardia de la Muerte 3 - Adeptus Mechanicus 5ConclusionesComo demasiadas veces acabo con la sensación de que los objetivos tácticos son demasiado aleatorios en lo que a dar y quitar la victoria se refiere, aunque en esta partida en realidad ambos ejércitos puntuamos lo mismo por objetivos primarios, la diferencia se debió a los secundarios Primera Sangre y Matar al Señor de la Guerra.Me gustó la estratagema "veteranos de la guerra eterna", ese +1 al herir viene de maravilla para que los plasmas sean un antitanque brutal.Y esa es otra, una vez le pierdes el miedo a sobrecalentar los rifles de plasma (y les pones un señor del caos cerca por si las moscas) acabas con lo que se te ponga por delante que da gusto.Otra cosa que me ha gustado es el fuego rápido a 18", otra vez por los plasmas, que te permite desatar toda su potencia de fuego a bastante distancia.Ahora sólo me queda probar las armas de cuerpo a cuerpo de los marines de plaga para ver que tal funcionan en una unidad que se vea obligada a estar cerca del enemigo (armada con fusiones o lanzallamas). Por lo pronto ya tengo las conversiones de un par de marines con hachas bubóticas además de un campeón alternativo.Si queréis ver más informes de batalla, en la sección "Informes de Batalla" tenéis todos los que he colgado a día de hoy. ¡Saludos y seguid jugando! […]

  • Beastman
    by Katsuhiko JiNNai on October 26, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    A beastman. It will be the leader of my beastmen warband. […]

  • October Rust. Couldn’t think of a title…
    by Paul on October 26, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    Mornin’ all! just a super quick post while i’m enjoying some Dark Matter coffee… Had a really fun game of Flames of War about a week ago against my arch nemesis Colin. Once again his German forces tried to overthrow the British lines, but to no avail. One thing that scares me witless are those … Continue reading "October Rust. Couldn’t think of a title…" […]

  • WFRP'd: A Rough Night at the Three Feathers
    by Orlygg Jafnakol on October 26, 2017 at 10:04 am

    We arrive at the famous 'Rough Night at Three Feathers' a scenario often regarded as one of GW's finest and an essential roleplaying experience for anyone treading the path of perilous adventure. But is it actually any good? Does it really deserve all the high praise bandied around on blogs and comments sections the world over?I guess there is only one way to find out. One of the main points to remember when discussing this adventure is that there are an awful lot of things going on all at once, with separate and interwoven plots carrying on - just like you'd imagine a night at such a bustling inn would have. Keeping track of all the events can be quite a challenge and I'd say this is one of the more complex adventures I have ever run for players. Quite how the players deal with it all is always amusing, and having played through this scenario a couple of times over the years I must admit to just winging it a few times. I know from speaking to others, that some GMs really milk this adventure and run the differing plots as mini-adventures of their own, after all inn based stories are useful when running an adventure with the scope and breadth of the Enemy Within. Who wants to roleplay 'just another night in the inn' style events? I guess how you handle 'Rough Night at the Three Feathers' is up to you, there is after all plenty of scope to tweak the adventure to suit your needs and there are plenty of hooks to cook up into homebrew outings of your own. I feel that this flexibility is one of the reasons behind the popularity of this adventure and why it has become so memrable. Oh, and before I continue. SPOILERS lie ahead. As with scenarios of this type, the excitement begins after another one of those long day's of travel, with the sun just settling down at dusk as the PCs see an inn in the distance. As they draw closer you can explain how the place looks especailly busy this evening, with coaches unloading and all manner of folk rushing here and there. The presence of some burly looking lackeys, many of whom are dressed in brightly hued liveries, will tell you players that there is something a little out of the ordinary going on here. Upon entering the establishment, our PCs will find that the inn is even busier than they expected and it may take some time to be served by the harrassed innkeeper. This provides a neat little opportunity to describe the inn and its patrons in a little more detail than usual and I used to have a field day inventing all kinds of stinking lowlifes and stuck up prigs to annoy my players. Once your PCs get the chance to speak to the innkeeper they find him to be the Barliman Butterbur type (with, alas no 'Nob' character to make rude quips about) and he goes on to explain that his staff are all run off their feet because of the arrival of one Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz, an Imperial noblewoman. Eventually, the PCs can choose their preferred method of staying, either renting a swanky room or dossing down on the floorboards. It is at this point that the adventure begins to differ from other run-of-the-mill inn adventures. As there is so much going on! As I have said before, there are seven plots running concurrently and you may feel like removing some or jiggling around their order because on the surface the adventure seems an intimidating one. Don't be put off by the amount of plot you are having to carry, and in my view so many of the stories going on behind the scenes interrelate that having a good bash at the scenario is very worthwhile indeed. Having played through this one several times I cannot say things have ever gone the some way and your PCs will always throw so sort of spanner in the works and do something unexpected. Part of the fun is working out how the other characters will react when they do so. Let's have a look at the plots in a little more detail shall we? First up, we have Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz herself, and her entourage. She has been a naughty girl you see, and after partying too hard is suspected of  being behind a death at one of her aunt's 'events'. Being a toff, she has envoked the ancient right of trial by combat and has in her employ a particularly lethal champion called Bruno. However, agents working for the slighted party (presumably the family of the unfortunate wretch who perished) are attempting to put Bruno out of action and swing the case in their favour. How they will attempt this remains to be seen!Secondly, we have the young Graf Freidrich von Pfeifruacher who like many of his ilk is having an illicit affair with one Hanna Lastkahn, the daughter of one of the wealthy boatbuilding familes from Grissenwald. Sod's law has been enforced and they have been recognised by one of the servants in von Liebewitz's household. A blackmail attempt will shortly follow. Then we have Gustaf Rechtshandler, von Liebewitz's lawyer, who in his younger days dabbled with dubious people and was at one time an unwitting member of a chaos cult of Slaanesh. Despite walking away from the group some years past, it seems that the cultists now want something from him. I doubt it will be to ask how his mother is. Moving on, Hanna's affair with her young lover hasn't gone as unregarded as she would have hoped. Her bethrothed has found out about their little tryst and desires a little street justice on Graf Freidrich von Pfeifruacher no matter the consequences. While all this is going on, group of ne'er do well smugglers are shifting a suspicious cargo, only this isn't contraband but human merchandise. An agitator, wanted for political crimes, named Josef Aufwiegler, has been drugged and placed into a death-like trance to help ship him away from the danger. The smugglers are dressed like Initiates of Morr, robes and all, and the drug was timed to wear off as soon as they get him on board their boat. Sadly, they have been delayed and are now in a bit of bother. Their troubles continue thanks to Ursula Kopfgeld, a bounty hunter, who is hot on their trail. She was close to catching Josef when he 'died' and is suspicious of the matter. Finally, the wonderfully named Glimbrin Oddsocks, a Gnomish pickpocket, has plans to lift just about anything he can get his thieving little hands on over the evening. Let's just hope the PCs keep their possessions close to their persons what with everything else goining on! The bulk of the scenario that follows is an intricate timeline of events inside the inn. As you would imagine, the various plot threads intertwine in numerous ways until the adventurers become embroiled in the main event. Looking back, the best vantage point for the PCs is always the Bar-Room, as it is here that they will get the chance to notice the varying 'funny goings on' during the night. Whatever they do, you can pretty much guarantee that they will become embroiled in the brawl with Thomas Prahmhandler and his associates (he being the jilted groom-to-be of the lovely Hanna) and that a memorable dagger (or other dangerous object - and you can have some fun with this) will disappear from the possession of one of the PCs and reappear wedged between the shoulder blades of the unfortunate Bruno. Our players will be charged with his murder and locked up for the night. Von Liebewitz will officiate the preceedings and this is a fantastic opportunity to put the fear of the Gods into your players. With a guard on the door and one on sentry beneath their window, the future doesn't look too bright and as GM, you can make all those noises that suggest that the PCs have made a grave error indeed and that there is very little that can be done to help extract them from their dire circumstances. Of course, they will be saved at the eleventh hour by von Liebewitz. She will explain that her harsh treatment of them was just an act to stablise the situation, and having ordered the rest of the inn's clientele to remain in their rooms until sunrise she is now free to speak to the PCs. Her instructions to them are not plain sailing however, having initially surmised that no-one is going to be stupid enough to leave their own dagger sticking out of the person they just murdered, and that the PCs can clearly handle themselves, she picks the toughest looking in the party to act as her new champion. She is after all on her way to trial and now lacks a suitable champion to fight in her corner. Once the players realise that this isn't an offer, but an order, they will just have to lump the fact that their fate is tied to her for the short term, at least. However, von Liebewitz isn't the only patron available to the PCs. Gustaf Rechtshandler will also try and contact them to deal with the blackmail situation, and by deal he means killing those cultists in the most direct way possible. If your players have a history with dealing with the shadowy denizens of the cultist world, this kind of mission may well appeal to them and as GM you have two ways on handling this approach. Have them deal with these malcontents before they are accused of murder (as their attempts to cover up the bloodletting may come undone) as a prologue to the main business with the high born lady, or concurrently - which is my preferred option. Having so much skullduggery going on will give the PCs some real food for thought and provide a series of interesting challenges to overcome. Having to tiptoe around with all this funny business going on also creates a tense, nervewrangling atmosphere. As you will imagine, the latter is my preferred option, though I have attempted both when running this scenario. One character worth exploring who is, by her very nature, hard to keep tabs on, and your PCs may miss entirely if they become too self absorbed, is Ursula. We have spoken about her before and if you recall, she is the tough as nails bounty hunter on the trail of Josef Aufwiegler, the agitator currently doped in a bedroom above. Though she connects with Bruno after the arm wrestling affair (more on that later) the PCs may not be there to witness it and the character of Ursula is inclined to keep herself to herself. Working her into the narrative is essential in my view, otherwise things won't dawn on the players later on. Whoever they work for, and whatever approaches the PCs take towards dealing with the problems that face them, the morning will dawn and a sea of corpses and blood will greet the players. Some of the killings will no doubt be some of their work, but some of the others will be unexplained. If like me, you don't like leaving your players in the dark once play has ended, you may want a 'Scooby-Doo' style character to explain the goings on to the PCs if they are too docile to work it out for themselves; one would hope they could piece the clues together themselves but this is not always possible. Whatever the outcome, they will still have the situation with Von Liebewitz to play through, and this is a plot line I can heartedly recommend. The whole business of violent judiciary is quite appealing and I would encourage the nasty GM to only inform the players that the trial of combat is only to first blood just as they are to step out onto the arena. Obviously, I have skimmed over a great deal of detail and the scenario is really very well worth a read if you are never going to play it through. To return to the question I posed at the beginning of this post 'is it actually any good?' all I can say is YES. I really does, at least to me, live up to it's reputation and in some places, exceedes it. Let me explain in more detail. For me, a great scenario is a tool kit of ideas, and having always found adhering to published rules and lore/fluff tiresome, nothing could be more natural than jumbling or altering ideas to suit my whim and I have always felt that such an approach heightened the experience for my players. But there needs to be the scope to do so. The building blocks need to be there before the tweaking can begin and 'Rough Night' has very deep foundations. The myriad plots help a great deal and as there is so much going on it really keeps players on their toes, even if they are fielding competant characters and have mastered WFRP's game system. The scenario could easily unfold over a single night's gaming if a speed-run is required but a slower burning approach is also possible, perhaps even held in real time over a long night's gaming. A great scenario also requires strong and varied characters. Again, 'Rough Night' serves them up in spades. Chaos cultists, babbling barkeeps, rough and ready bodyguards, drunks, champions and lords and ladies to boot. In fact, it is the addition of the strong, female characters that I enjoyed the most about 'Rough Night'. To begin with, Von Liebewitz seems just like any number of stereotypical rich woman. Vain, rude and powerful, but as the scenario plays out you discover that she is far more astute than you originally think. Yes, she has all the trappings and views of elite society, but she has an authority and presence that I have always found appealling. Von Liebewitz is also a great NPC contact for the longer campaign, if the PCs can stay on her positive side. Hardened adventures willing to do the dirty work have always had a close relationship with the rich, powerful and slightly corrupt. Obviously, she is no chaos worshipper and will have her own, probably self-serving agendas, but there is proper mileage in her association with the PCs and can be used as a useful tool for settings up further scenarios. Ursula the bounty hunter is also a great character. No string chainmail bikinis here nor any overtly sexualised nonsense. She is a tough, capable character with lethally efficient methods. Certainly a useful character to run into again on the rode for the purpose of a good bandit hunt or headtake. A while ago, I wrote an article about women in Warhammer and can see both Von Liebewitz and Ursula fitting the more positive role for females in 1980s Warhammer. Afterall, there were a sizable number of female roleplayers back then, probably far more than indulge in the latest offerings of steriod infused 40k these days, and so characters like these are more than just 21st century window dressing. History has parallels of both Von Liebewitz and Ursula, and sadly these historical figures are mosty retconned or 'reimagined' for our times by sexing them up and dunking them in the fountain of youth. Doing so, waters down their achievements as real human beings doing interesting things in my view and 'Rough Night' makes no attempt to do either with its fictional heroines. Atmosphere is also crucial to a great adventure, if not key. Anyone who has rolled dice around a fantasy RPG, either paper, miniature or polygon based, will have lurked for a while in a smokey tavern or inn. They have a vibe that appeals to the subject matter and envokes hazy memories in our own minds. Most of us who have actually lived will be able to appreciate what a bustling, slightly dangerous drinking establishment is like and will understand the dangers of strong alcohol, tobacco and the opposite sex combined. Chucking a slice of chaos and a dollop of duplicity into that potent mix is an exciting prospect, even if the visuals and odours are figments of our imaginations. My opinion that chaos needs to remain the 'spice' of WFRP (and indeed Warhammer) is also well supported by 'Rough Night'. Too much chilli ruins a meal, while the right amount can add just enough heat to make things interesting. The goings on are also covert, and the negligent PC may miss what is actually going on. 'Rough Night' doesn't expect you to have your hand held and subsequently is all the more enjoyable for it- just think about the difference in roleplaying between Morrowind and Skyrim to understand what I mean. A great scenario must also bring something new to a game system, no matter how small. 'Rough Night' does this in the guise of armwrestling. This is a great timewaster or filler, depending on your viewpoint, and can be used to liven up most evenings when otherwise your characters would be doing nothing. PCs always love to gamble with their non-existant cash flow and I can think of no better way of encouraging this than with matches of this type. Thinking about it now, and entire aventure could be made of the game, based on the gloriously '80s action flick staring Stallone entitled 'Over the Top'. Arm wrestling has mileage too, you know! So to conclude, 'A Rough Night at the Three Feathers' deserves its praise and has been, for me at least, one of the greatest shorter scenarios ever written from WFRP, if not any system. I am sure that many of you will have very fond memories of the adventure and that for some, new memories as I suspect the scenario is still regularly played wherever old school WFRP raises its battered mug. Graeme Davis is credited as being the author in the Restless Dead edition of the scenario (which I have used for this article) and Jamie Sims for the illustrations. With both those individuals having been interviewed here on Realm of Chaos 80s about their contributions to '80s Warhammer, 'Rough Night' has a very strong pedigree indeed. Thank you to both gents for putting it all together for us Old Schoolers all those years ago. Orlygg.&nbs […]

  • The Last of Averland
    by Blue in VT on October 25, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Hi all,I've been in finishing mode for the last few days...trying to clear my table for a larger challenge on the near horizon.One of the things that has been lingering on my painting desk for wwwaaayyy too long is the very last few figures of a commission that I've been "working" on for a very patient member of the LAF.  These are the last three figures for a largish warband of puff and slash figures that I have painted in the traditional colors of Averland...Black and Yellow.  The rest of the Warband can be seen HERE.Read more » […]

  • Orktober: Chibi King Tiger for meh Orks
    by airbornegrove26 on October 25, 2017 at 1:35 am

    I was recently made aware of Meng Models World War Toon line of chibi tanks by my buddy Mustafa, and they looked like a perfect addition to the game table.  When I saw the King Tiger I had to have one.  Moawr Blud » […]

  • A break from your usual programming: Iron Sleet Invitational
    by Ynneadwraith on October 24, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    Artwork by Shawn CossWhile the vast majority of my hobby stuff is eldar-centric, I have been tempted away on occasion to make some slightly more human creations. The opportunity to contribute something to the brilliant world building around the Thorn Moons Crusade run over on Iron Sleet is just such an occasion :)Their (un)Invitational calls for 5 human-scale models representing a 'regiment' raised on either side of the punative/exploratory Crusade launched against the Green Mechanicum of the Thorn Moons.Green Mechanicum by FPOAMy take on that is based on the idea that Space Marine Chapters are perpetually surrounded by thralls and serfs and other such human hangers-on, some of which affiliated with the Chapter and others simply along for the ride.Vlka Fenryka and Thralls by MigsBuilding around the frankly stunning Vlka Fenryka that Migs has created (a major force in the campaign), my idea was for a ramshackle fleet of 'crows' that forever loiter in the periphery of the Wolves' fleet, scavenging from battlefields in the wake of the Wolves' destruction.Trying to tie in the norse mythology regarding Odin and his Ravens, the 'crows' are tolerated by the Rout as their scavenger's curiosity and constant cawing chatter between their ships provides valuable information about the surroundings the Wolves find themselves in.Here's the current WIP of my gribbly little raven-scavengers :)I've got a couple more ideas I want to try out, but if you've made it this far this is where I could do with some help!Paint-wise these guys are going to be pretty far out of my comfort zone. Cool colours, blacks, dark greens, dark blues and pallid white skin. If anyone has any helpful tips and tricks for making blacks nice and varied I'm all ears!Also, as you might have noticed I've made rather more than 5 of these little dudes (they are rather fun to make!). I could also do with a hand picking out your favourite group of 5 (provided I'm not allowed to cheat and have the rest loitering in the background). […]

  • Orks, orks orks, get ready for some love !
    by Asslessman on October 24, 2017 at 7:50 am

    Orctober is a good month, not only becaus eit is the month that saw me come to this world or because of the trees getting coloured in all sorts of splendid colours from green to yellow, orange and red but because thanks to Erny, it's become the international month of celebration of orcoid love.Now I've taken part a few times in Orctober now and felt like giving it a go once again this year. I didn't have any big plan for it but a quick look at my desk told me I had some fodder (don't we all ?).Read Moar Skullz » […]

  • Citizens of Mancunius Dome, Part 1
    by WarbossKurgan on October 23, 2017 at 9:14 am

    This is a small project that I have been meaning to get round to all year: 40K Civilians. The Inq28 style mini campaigns we have been playing, set in an area of the Necromunda underhive we call Mancunius Dome, have been sorely missing innocent bystanders and non-combatant NPCs. So I've been looking through my old copy of the Necromunda Sourcebook for appropriately underhive styled non-combatant roles, as I want each NPC to be recognisable as having a job or role of some kind, not just a faceless nobody. Most of them were inspired by entries in  the Territory Table!The Genestealer Neophyte Hybrids kit is currently one of my favourites available: their clothing is perfect as ubiquitous Imperial work gear. So that was a no-brainer for the torsos and legs of the first few (at least). Picking heads from my bits box was easy and they add a lot of individual character, but finding the right arms was the tricky bit as most GW kits are holding weapons of some kind. A bit of clipping removed some of them but the Empire Archers kit provided as few nice right arms with empty hands.So here are the first half-dozen underhive inhabitants in a WIP state. I hope to have them all painted over the next few days (but some mold-lines have to be scraped first!)A slime farmerA factory workerA water sellerThe water seller's unhappy customerHe is appalled by the water seller's prices!A minerThe pay-mistress (I'm really please how well a male Neophyte legs and torso can become a female civilian with the addition of a female Dark Eldar head and Empire Archer's arms.)The pay-mistress, dishing out the day's coin to a miner. […]

  • In search of the Blandford Warriors
    by Orlygg Jafnakol on October 22, 2017 at 6:30 am

    I must admit to having always thought the Blandford Warriors range was a bit, well, crap. With that all important, at least to me, fantasy chic missing and a total lack of mutated chaosy gribblies I always considered them a dull range. Even when Wargames Foundry brought most of the figures back into production, I browsed past the figures with no more than minor interest.How wrong I was! Perhaps it's a symptom of tipping my toe into the Bronze Age that I seem ever drawn towards the more unusual historical figures, as I find models with a realistic feel far more gratifying than the horrendously oversculpted CAD obsenities that seem to flood much of the toy soldier market these days. Now, if you are NOT in the know about the Blandford Warriors let me fill you in. The range was advertised in January 1988 and complimented the book 'Medieval Warlords' by Tim Newark. They were, of course, sculpted by the Perry brothers and sold in individual blisters for a while. Angus McBride, one of the greatest historical wargaming artists who ever lived, produced many of the illustrations the models were based on. You may well recognise his style even if the name doesn't ring any bells.Take a look....Sourcing the book was fairly easy, there are numerable copies on Amazon and eBay for next to nothing and having had a flick through its musty pages, the book looks pretty interesting. There are shortish essays concerning the figures in the range, each supported by a wealth of illustrative material, so they is plenty for the toy soldier enthusiast and military buff to dive into. Marcus Ansell donated one of the older Blandford Warriors moulds to my school, keen for the younger children to see how miniatures are produced. And having never seen a mould up close before myself, I was fascinated by the object as well.As we were discussing how the mould slotted together, Marcus told me an amusing story about (and this is totally truthful) a number of 'serious' collectors had rung them up at the Foundry to complain/demand that they stop producing rarer figures such as the Blandford Warriors because it was reducing the price of their collections!!Now I am sitting on a leadpile a mile high, and amongst its layers I do have a number of rarer figures. Even so, I would never dream of doing such a thing. I am all for the more unusal figures being brought back into production because it means that other enthusiasts can enjoy them without having to fork out ridiculous money online acquiring them!In case you were wondering what metal models look like after they have been 'spun' in a mould, let me enlighten you. Here we have the full range of the Blandford historicals fresh from the casting pits, albeit with the 'Foundry' style bases. The reason for the removal of the classic 'slotta-base' is a simple one apparently; the historical gamers (who make up the bulk of the Foundry's customer base) won't buy figures with them on! Bryan went on to explain that he took with him a vast amount of material when he sold GW as he felt that the majority of the figures he had had a hand in creating would have been destroyed. The company belonged to him so he could do what he liked. Hence the vast collection of classic painted figures at the Foundry premises and the masses of vintage castings (some of which never saw the light of day) in his collection. You may notice that the Tuetonic Knight is absent from the Foundry website. That is because the master casting was missing in action when the range as brought back into production. That model has since been recovered and hence appears on the mould in my school's possession.Collectors being the strange creatures that they are, have apparently moved on to buying up the now extremely rare 'plinth' bases you can see in the original flyer. Whether they use these to house the original slotta based models or the more modern castings is beyond my ken. If you are interested in the range, it can be purchased here. As I enjoy starting projects and never completing them, I have decided to start working my way through these models in the near future, just as soon as I have finished the final Time Warped Wizard from BOYL16! But which Warlord will I start with? Decisions... Decisions... Orlygg […]

  • Ewal Dvergar Boar Riders...Part III
    by Blue in VT on October 22, 2017 at 3:30 am

    Another quick post today......And another of Clam's fantastic Ewal Dvergar Boar Riders.  This one is another mix match...the body and Boar are from the Boar Rider release...but the helmet for this one comes from the earlier Ewal Dvergar warrior release, and it is one that I'm particularly fond of.I've been meaning to try one of my chaos figures with black armor...but honestly I've been hesitant too until now.  Long time readers of this blog may remember a post I wrote about a system I had learned for painting black from a few years ago (LINK)...I have only used it sparingly since this initial attempt and never on a subject with this much area to cover...but this seemed like the perfect chance to give it a try on a more challenging subject....but before I reveal the final piece I want to take another opportunity to heap high praise on John Pickford for the sculpting on the boars he produced for this range and for Clam...They are superb and this one was another joy to paint.  Take a look!Read more » […]

  • Badmoon Reinforcements Sighted!
    by Richard Smith on October 21, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    Hi!I've managed to get a few more bits and bobs put together for my Badmoon warband! Badmoon WarbandI've got two more heavily armoured Boyz done. one is from the Space Vikings range from 15mm.co.uk while the other is a slightly converted adventurer from CP Models. Both were sculpted by me quite a while back and I've had them sat unpainted for years but have decided to finally get round to painting them up. Ork BoyzBoth have had a little bit of conversion work to either bulk them up a little or to give them some more suitably Orkish detailing.Next up there's a Badmoon warbuggy with some seriously heavy ordinance in the form of a mass of rocket pods bolted onto the buggies frame:Warbuggy The buggy is originally from the old 10mm Mechwarrior range but it does make a rather mental but fun light vehicle for 15mm scale. WHOOSH!I have no idea how I'll stat it up for games but it certainly looks the part for a Badmoon Ork force as it looks like some rather unhinged Mekboy has decided to just rivet on as many shooty rokkets as he could get his hands on. Rocket PackingI have a second one awaiting a lick of paint but do like the idea of my Badmoons raining fiery death upon hapless Imperial underlings. I want to try and get a few more decent sized squads painted up but looking through my ever decreasing leadpile, I don't actually have too many left so may need to bite the bullet and pick up a few dozen more figures to round out the force.Lastly, here's a Yak caravan with a diminutive Dwarven herder:YAK!!I sculpted these little guys absolutely ages ago (about the same time I sculpted the original Boar Company) and they've been sat primed in a box through four house moves, three jobs and a wedding!I'm really glad I finished them off and do want to add one or two more including some caravan guards and give myself a fun scenario objective or NPC for Farpoint.Hopefully I'll have a few more goodies painted over the next couple of days and will update the blog when I get chance!All the best! […]

  • Prince Morrathillienn. 7th Heir to the House of Ulthanash. Survivor of the Endless Darkness. Prince of the Khaine's Ravens
    by Ynneadwraith on October 21, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    To the naked eye, it would appear as nothing but the blank void of interstellar space. Yet here lurked a giant. Anasduril, it was called. The vast extinguished hulk of a star. Once the seat of one of many pre-Fall kingdoms, its derelict orbitals and shipyards bear the scars of high-yield plasma and voidlance impacts.The Eldar of Anasduril were extinguished with their star, their legacy lost to the sands of time. Yet in this mausoleum, all is not still. Millennia later, the Ravens found this forgotten place, and their cloaked armada lurks in its shadows.Morrathillienn sat at the helm of the listening-ship. The transparent dome surrounding her command crew offered an unparalleled view of the star-specked void, ghostly runes dancing across its surface. One in particular piqued her interest. A distant world-rune began to flicker almost imperceptibly. Watching, she saw it embark upon an errant journey across the star-scape. Signalling her sister-ships through the aether, dozens of heavily cloaked vessels leapt through the open webway portal. She couldn't be sure what had occurred, but something had caused one of her listening cells to break formation. What would cause one of her operatives to flee their post she couldn't fathom, but something was clearly awry. The Khaine's Ravens may be spies first and foremost, but the blood of the war god still flows through their veins. Whoever dared to encroach on their mission would feel the full force of her fleet.Starting to approach the end of my back-catalogue now :) introducing my Corsairs, built back when I first found out about the masterwork that was the 7th ed. Corsairs Codex from Forgeworld.I had the idea of making a Corsair fleet that acts more like an intelligence agency, with listening cells dotted all around the Ultima Segmentum, dealing in information to Kabalite raiding parties or radical Inquisitors. I also like the idea of making some Eldar that are real hard-cases. Most Eldar live in either the soul-shielded Craftworlds or in the muted realm of the webway, but Corsairs have carved their survival in the cold hard void, devoid of any protection from Slaanesh's predations. They're grizzled survivalists, carving out empires where other Eldar fear to linger. […]

  • Night of the Living Lead 2017
    by Orlygg Jafnakol on October 21, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Ever wondered how to get around the problems of flying dragons? An upside down glass does wonders!Hello once more and welcome to Realm of Chaos 80s. It has been sometime again, hasn't it? Truth be told there are no exciting and dramatic reasons while I haven't updated recently, it has been a simple case of having too much work to do during the week and the dreaded 'other commitments' during the weekend. Though, I can confess here to being a little distracted by Fallout 4 again, which I chose to start playing again at the end of the Summer Hols, and my meagre hobby time has been squandered on that. Due to my poor showing on the blogosphere, I had been looking forwards to making the trip back up to the Wargames Foundry again for some time, and rather helpfully my friend Stuart Klatcheff was willing to drive the distance this time - giving me slightly longer at the event and less grief from the non-leadhead! So thanks for that Stuart! Journeys such as these, and the events that lay sandwiched in between them, have a funny old way of enlivening an interest in the participant. I suspected that a few hours with the Oldhammer Boyz would ensure plenty of inspiration for the coming winter months and the first half-term of the year (which is just around the corner). As you would expect, I snapped a load of random photographs of the battle though I must confess to not really taking part in the event. I was far to busy socialising, but I do have an amusing little anecdote about Steve Casey's lovely 'alternative giants' and how I managed to encourage the GM's xenophobia for all things gigantic to pull off an amusing attack or two. More about that later. As has become traditional, what follows is a long, long list of photographs that I took of Paul's little event with a little snippet of commentary from me. Hopefully, you discover something of interest within them and are inspired to do a little be of hobby of your own. The battlefield after the first move of the game. You can see my rather old collection of Khorne and Nurgle Realm of Chaos stuff down the bottom left of the frame. If I am being honest, I don't think they moved far from there all day. As you will have noticed we had A LOT of figures on the table (mostly elves from Chris' incredible collection) and WFB3 is a very long game when dealing with a game of this size. Needless to say... we never finished the game!One thing that I always enjoy about the bigger battles are the massed ranks of troops arrayed in their martial glory. There was plenty to see on the table with loads of classic and not so classic models painted up. As you will have already no doubt noted, there was a large contingent of dragons fielded. Beautiful models all of them and they brought a certain elegance to our wargames table.Matthew Street explains how best to hold a tinfoil wrapped sandwich to an awed fellow enthusiast. Note the neat little glowing lights inside the model chapel. I thought that this effect had been created by some electrical wire malarkey but upon further investigation I found out the illumination was provided by a couple of those cheap battery powered tea-lights you can buy in Lidl. It works though!Never having been a chap satisfied by following the rules, we homebrewed some unlikely stats for a dramatic attack on Steve Casey's wonderfully painted 'alternative' giants. I invented some implausible missle assault and Paul, the GM, decreed that on a roll of a six my bazooka armed chaos dwarf would be able to hit one of Steve's giants in the face. Amusingly, I suceeded and the poor lanky soul was slain outright! Never be afraid to homebrew unlikely rules with comedy potential if you have access to an unbiased GM. Having sadly lost his sandwich in a tragic liquid-poly accident, Warlord Paul attempts to find sustenance by consuming his own hand while 'Elfy Chris' tries his hardest to ignore him. The glorious host of '80s elves belonged to Chris and you may remember our discussion about them during the BOYL17 coverage.Real life Aragorn (though in certain quarters he is known as Cider) Thantsants mulls over how hard life is as a modern day ranger. Note the small bridge he couldn't help constructing (force of habit) to the far right. Only one guard rail? What would the health and safety boys say?My big McDeath giant strikes a pose surrounded by girly elves. As you would expect, the sight of so many old school models in close proximity was a glorious sight, if a little unwieldy to play with in such a short space of time. Steve Casey looks serious as he launches his giants into an all out attack against my dwarfs. Stuart Klatcheff, John Ratcliffe and Warlord Paul investiagate some of the weird and wonderful odds and sods from Bryan's collection. The small cardboard box contained castings of many of the original Rogue Trader Imperial Guard, Space Pirates and Adventurers sets. Bryan took me into the depths of Stoke Hall to explore some of his wargaming treasures, and despite the looming threat of an over excited (and rather large) dog, I escaped unscathed. Think ultimate 'wargaming man cave' and you have some idea what this room is like. Stuffed with all manner of toy soldier paraphernalia, walking around this room was like being plunged into an ocean of Citadel history. It would be impossible to describe the innumerable treasures to be beheld here; everything from original pieces of GW artwork, to early '80s castings and thousands and thousands of greens. There were trays of greens in various states of tinkering. Bryan spoke of his idea to do a Kickstarter project with some of these unproduced models at some time in the future. John Blanche originals and some curious masks from the Ansell family's many travels. Bryan was keen to show off his vast library of inspirational publications. I was struck by the depth of research and the varying influences that go into his designs. If the 1980s Design Studio was this rich with creativity (which I suspect it was) then it is no wonder that the range of figures produced back then were so special. Not a skull or spike in sight! The influence of 2000AD on '80s Citadel is well known, and Bryan still reads the graphic novels to this day. The room was full of half-finshed projects and various tinkerings.Marcus Ansell talked us through many of the model buildings in the collection. It appears that there was once an entire scenic board which many of the buildings slotted into. Underneath the houses are labels that indicate who constructed the model, with Phil Lewis and Dave Andrew's name frequenting often. His recent 'mega-battle' post I shared a while back was an attempt to work out how these buildings fitted together. We discussed the famous 'Modelling Workship' articles in White Dwarf and it transpires that a huge amount of scenic material was built that never saw the light of day.Unlike at BOYL, I had ample time to explore the new displays of painted models in Foundry's cabinets. These early '90s space marines caught my eye almost immediately. Gorgeous painting by Mike McVey, the colours still so vibrant after all of this time. Original Heroquest models. The master castings of these are lurking around the Foundry I have been lead to believe. I have always coveted that barbarian figure. Huzzah! My painted Were-Ansell preslotta figure shares shelf-space with vintage Citadel classics. My hobby life is complete!  I am always interested in anything Realm of Chaos and this wonderful old figure caught my eye.As did these memorable figures... These appeared in the Lost and the Damned and the two figures on the right are converted. Love the rust effect on that sword! The original Advanced Heroquest figures. I have always admired the shield designs on these figures and will one day finish my own versions of them. Could there be a more iconic Heroquest paintjob?I had never seen these epic scale models painted up before. These had beautiful hues and looked resplendent alongside the older Rogue Trader orks. Lords of Battle and a hodgepodge of Rogue Trader pieces. I was glad to find these converted chaos figures. White Dwarf published a lovely 'Eavy Metal article about how to best convert chaos figures just after the publication of Slaves to Darkness. I was pleased to see that they had survived. Unreleased Citadel wizards from 1987. Some of the glorious handpainted banners in the Foundry's miniature museum. Note the Heroquest gargoyle hiding in plain site on the right hand side. Another glorious Realm of Chaos era conversion. More '80s era Realm of Chaos models with spanking banners. Blood Bowl figures from the second edition of the game. Can you spot any of the original Star Player figures in this photograph?An Oldhammer favourite! The original Marauder Chaos Dwarfs.When wizards were wizards, mate. Oh, and when clerics were clerics, too.&nbs […]

  • Space Wolves Horus Heresy Flamer Support Squad
    by NafNaf on October 20, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    Hey folks.It has been a little quiet here for the last few weeks from me (although Ynneadwraith continues to put out some awesome content). General life business and a family holiday have meant I have not had the time to sit down to complete anything, although there is plenty on my desk in mid production, so to speak. Luckily I have a few posts stored up that have not seen the light of day yet, so I will intersperse these in with my usual updates. The first of these is a Space Wolves flamer special weapon squad I have done to add to my Heresy force (and to mix in with the Grey hunters when I want some flamer action).There is not much to tell on these really, as they follow my Vlka Fenryka scheme closely. The only addition I added was to the flamers, which needed some visual interest, so Purple and gold were applied in certain spots to draw the eye. Makes them look a lot more interesting I think, without drawing away from the dark savagery of the general army scheme.I am starting to get a hankering to start on my La Danse Macabre Dark Eldar again, and to that effect I have a unit of Incubi, 2 venoms, a Ravager & Drazhar on my workbench waiting for some paint.  I really hope that I will get motivated to start on this army again. It has been over a year since I did any work on them. The end of 7th really sapped my motivation for anything 40k, and I have got to be honest, I am struggling with 8th quite a bit too. There is something just not gelling somehow. It may be the way characters work now, or the fact that everything gives re rolls and combat is still shit that I struggle with. I am still plugging away at games every few weeks, but it isn't getting much better. Are any of you feeling a similar way about 8th? I hear a lot of positivety about it generally, which makes me think I may be missing something somewhere.NafNaf […]

  • Campaña “Destino de Konor”, semana 6, Loebos
    by Brunelleschi Yggdrasil on October 20, 2017 at 5:49 am

    Tras una vacas inesperadas me tuve que ausentar de la campaña durante unas cuantas sesiones, así que volví a tiempo para jugar la última misión del “Destino de Konor”.En la misión 6, Loebos : Muerte de un Mundo el bando caótico tendría que defender tres objetivos que ha colocado previamente, si el imperio consigue controlar alguno de ellos lo destruirá. Me dispuse a colocarlos en triangulo para tenerlos lo más cerca posible unos de otros y a cubrirlos de hordas de poxwalkers, Jejeje. Por su parte, el imperio desplegaría a los Caballeros Grises , con su recién llegado codex.En esta partida tendría la posibilidad de invocar 10 o 20 portadores de plaga, por lo que me llevé unos cuantos demonios extra en la maleta por si las moscas (de Nurgle). DespliegueLa guardia de la muerte despliega rodeando los objetivos, los caballeros grises apenas empiezan con miniaturas en la mesa, esperando desde los teleportariums a abalanzarse sobre los herejes.Turno 1 Guardia de la MuerteLa Guardia de la muerte consigue arrebatar la iniciativa a sus enemigos, para poco, ya que los enemigos estaban o muy lejos o ausentes.Turno 1 Caballeros GrisesEl maestre en armadura dreadknight se teleporta cerca del predator caótico.La storm raven sobrevuela las hordas de poxwalkers que ocupan los objetivos.La potencia de fuego de los caballeros grises masacra los podridos cuerpos de los poxwalkers.El gran maestre consigue asaltar despues de llegar teleportado y destruye el predator full laser. ¡Eso si que no lo vio venir!La infantería imperial se adentra en el follaje para acabar con los poxwalkers que allí quedan.Turno 2 Guardia de la MuerteEl príncipe demonio se encarama en la stormraven, su guadaña no hace mucho, pero lo suficiente para provocar la descompresión del habitáculo y provocar la práctica destrucción de la máquina de guerra.El señor del caos se dedica a defender a sus queridos zombis para evitar darles tiempo a los caballeros grises a destruir el objetivo 3.Veinte portadores de plaga llegan como refuerzos, tomando a duras penas el objetivo 1.Los exterminadores del caos llegan para reforzar el flanco derecho, intentando parar al gran maestre.Turno 2 Caballeros GrisesLos paladines desembarcan de la stormraven, preparados para destruir el objetivo 1 (había 4 miniaturas de portador de plaga a 3" del objetivo, y 5 paladines).La stormraven se aleja hacia el flanco contrario, donde el gran maestre se prepara a aplastar a los exterminadores del caos.Los caballeros grises siguen rebanando poxwalkers , abriéndose paso hacia los objetivos de la misión.Los paladines destruyen el objetivo en las narices de los portadores de plaga.Turno 3 Guardia de la MuerteLos paladines se ven absolutamente desbordados por los portadores de plaga, el príncipe demonio, lleno de ira, se abalanza también sobre ellos.Los marines de plaga descargan sus rifles de plasma a máxima potencia, causando graves daños al gran maestre.Ante las prisas de acabar con los caballeros grises los marines de plaga se lanzan en cuerpo a cuerpo contra el malherido maestre, pero no consiguen acabar con él a costa de muchos de sus propios guerreros.Turno 3 Caballeros GrisesLos caballeros grises en servoarmadura consiguen limpiar la jungla de zombis y mantener entretenido al señor del caos de Nurgle para destruir el objetivo 3.Conclusiones¡Una partida rápida, desde luego!Si tuviese que cambiar algo, habría invocado otros 20 portadores de plaga el primer turno, inundando los objetivos más cercanos al borde de la mesa con cuerpos y así evitando que los paladines desembarcasen en el objetivo 1 desde su stormraven.Si queréis ver más informes de batalla, en la sección "Informes de Batalla" tenéis todos los que he colgado a día de hoy. ¡Saludos y seguid jugando! […]

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes
    by Allison M. on October 20, 2017 at 2:33 am

     Ion Age Spooks15 mmI don't often pull together seasonal pieces in time, but here are two kooky and spooky figures from The Ion Age. Both were monthly freebies, from 2013 (Skeleton) and 2014 (Witch).  I replaced the Skeleton's head with a slightly better 15 mm skull from Alternative Armies, and added a festive jack-o-lantern (not hard to sculpt, as it turns out!) and another skull to give the Witch's base some flair.Happy Halloween! […]

  • Orktober: Moawr Orks
    by airbornegrove26 on October 19, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    Moawr Blud » […]

  • Beasty boy
    by Steve Casey on October 19, 2017 at 10:38 am

    This one has been in my undercoated pile for a little while, and happens to be one of my fav beastmen of the classic Realm of Chaos era. A classic Jes Goodwin sculpt.Paint-wise I've used a mixture of Foundry and GW, and for the first time I tried P3 paints (on the skull head). I like the P3, but if I'm honest the only reason I picked them up was because I visited my FLGS looking for something else which I couldn't get, so didn't want to leave empty-handed. Aren't I considerate? I'd consider buying more P3 but in the same way as most of us amass figures I also seem to amass paints. Many many of my paints have never been used. Partly to do with the fact I haven't done *that* much painting but more because I find it hard to resist the "shiny shiny" as it were.I also have a confession to make - I recently bought a load of the GW dry paints. I've heard some berate these as a corporate scam, but do you know what? I think they are great! I know I could probably get the same result from the regular paints but I find I actually use the dry paints, which is always a good sign! In this case the reddish rear of the beastman was drybrushed, and I'm happy with how it turned out.If you want to know what any of the other colours are just leave a comment below.Cheers! […]

  • More Orks for Orktober
    by axiom on October 18, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    Less than a fortnight ago, I painted up the first 40k Space Orc and Space Goblin. You might have picked up on the fact that in about 28 years of gaming, I'd never had the slightest interest in playing with anything orky. But painting that pair of figures sparked something. I rooted around in my boxes and unearthed enough ork figures to make a small warband.This looks like a suitable Inquisimunda or Shadow Wars starting gang to me!Read more » […]