Furnace Valley Squats

We’ve thrown down the gauntlet at wotk to build armies for 40K6 at a rate of 250 points a month.  I’ve picked Squats – particularly apt as they’re name-checked in the new 40K6 rulebook.

First up is the Furnace Valley Brotherhood Command Squad.  Brotherhood Lords are in charge of their Stronghold at a tactical level, leading the Warrior Squads in the thick of the fighting.  They’re one step below Warlords who I’ll model later in the project with ornate carapace armour.  On the left is Commissar Gustav (kindly donated by my friend Luke), who is acting in an advisory rather than disciplinary capacity.  This Mark Copplestone classic is the only non-Perry miniature so far.  The Powerfist and Power Sword is quite overkill, but the model’s too damn awesome to kit out otherwise.

Furnace Valley Squats

Left to right: Commissar Gustav, Trooper Stoner (Bolter), Medic Faunts, Warmaster Curiz, Trooper Sterling (Stronghold Standard) and Trooper Gast (Battlesynth).

The first Warrior Squad is composed entirely of Perry-sculpted Squats.  I picked all the models with photochromatic visors as the translucent red looks gives the squad a visual kick, and also satisifes my pedantic side where in Rogue Trader squads were either entirely with or entirely without the eye protection.

Furnace Valley Squats

I’d have liked to’ve avoided using the metal/plastic hybrid Squats in this squad (and make squads of entirely hybrids later) – but the Plasma Gunner is festooned with Heavy Bolter pouches and I’ve no oldskool Heavy Bolters from White Dwarf 97.  I’ll split the squad up later – and might even split off the Squats with AK47s from the Lasguns.

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Here’s the whole 250 points altogether.  It’s a nice nucleus to grow the army around.


Furnace Valley Squats


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Notes
Stronghold Lord 4 4 3 4 3 2 3 10 5+/5+* Stubborn
Squat Warrior 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9 5+ Stubborn


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3 thoughts on “Furnace Valley Squats

  1. Hi there!

    It’s great to see your Squats. The colour scheme is very crisp and clear, and of course the models are classics. I’ve been putting a Squats-as-Imperial Guard army together recently, which I’ll be taking to a couple of tournaments here in the UK soon – Blog Wars in December and Caledonian Uprising in January.

    You can see some shots of my models here:



    So are you building your own Fandex or will you be counting-as something existing? I started building my own Fandex last year, but real life (new baby and wedding planning) has slowed me down somewhat! You can see my progress here though:


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