Project Change I

Today I started my new slow-burn collecting project that will focus on the Chaos God Tzeentch.

My first model is one of the second generation of Blue Horrors from 1997.

Blue Meanie

The end goal is to build a collection of every Fantasy and 40K scale model aligned to Tzeentch. At the end of this I will have a large collection of models, but not an army per se.

This isn’t a modelling project at the moment. I’m very happy taking models as they are ‘off-the-shelf’. There are a lot of daemon armies with a twist at the moment, but I don’t feel the need to intrinsically stamp my own identity on the models. I’ve got a collecting urge.

New Stuff!

With the year’s first Altrincham Assault been and gone, it’s time to focus on some more Warmachine painting. I love how I can go at turtle pace with these figures, and still attend tournaments.

First off is Orin Midwinter. I got increasingly frustrated with my casting halfway through painting as it had a big blobby eye that made him look like he’d just sneezed with one eye open. I picked up another, and ultracurses, it had exactly the same miscast. I figure it’s a defect in the moulds rather than the castings, so rather than hunt for a third I carved out his bad eye and made him a new one with putty.

I tweaked his colours slightly – I felt the red the studio example’s in screams Khador too much. And, it would stick out like a sore thumb in all my drab rot and rust colours. I even swapped the browns for Cryx Bane to tie it into my army’s scheme.

Secondly here’s my Bloat Thrall. I wanted to give him a pose more dynamic than a sat-down spider that his medium-sized base allows. So I extended it with a piece of bark (with steel pins running through it for strength), and then reposed all his legs. He’s actually balancing on three, his front right is in the air pondering his next step.

I love this model. It’s got a real oldskool Warzone vibe.

First Wreck

I’ve got a self-imposed Christmas deadline for both my Bad Moon and my Cryx. By Christmas they’re to be at 3000 and 500 points full-painted respectively. This wreck marker is one of the last few pieces that needs doing.

Slayer wreck

This marker was painted on a train last Saturday some time around 5:15am. The train was deserted so it was done with a minimal of bizarre looks from other passengers.

Good intentions heal the soul

Glossy soul tokens I’ve been agonising over.

Take from our souls the strain and stress.

Problem is how to base them. They’re little chunks of metal with a very sharp edge around the base. They’ll chip easily. It’s something I’m countering on my Epic models by gluing them to coins. But unless I glue stuff to the obverse of the coin you can see the design through the paint. And basing them to match my fledling force looks odd – the token ends too abruptly and it looks like an odd novelty fountain. And some regular opponents said it would make them too big and they’d get in the way during games.

In the end I just elected to gloss varnish them. What a cop out.

More Cryx

My first Cryx model I did – the Pistol Wraith. I love this model as it’s got a later-Castlevania vibe going on.

Juese Belmont!.

The biggest model in my Cryx army so far. And the most ineffectual. The Slayer.

Hello, we're Slayer.

I’ve got a heavy wreck marker for this too. I should have painted that first as it spends more time on the table than the Jack itself. Humph.