Punishment of the Dice Gods

Punishment of the Dice Gods

Announcing the release of the first Chronicle of Ninjabread – Punishment of the Dice Gods. Ninjabread can now manifest itself on your bookshelf so even in the event of a powercut you can delve into five years of satirical wargaming comics.

This top banana volume collects together strips from 2007 to 2011, digitally remastered especially for this print incarnation.

Exclusive to this collection is the five-page strip “Punishment of the Dice Gods”. What horrors lurk in Wargaming Hell for Eric Bell? Which Dark God lurks at centre of this Stygian realm? Who is pulling those strings?

“Curis takes you to the darker reaches of wargaming’s twisted psyche and the gibbering madness within. Then you find out he makes comics, which is pretty cool.”
Brian Solomon

Punishment of the Dice Gods will be released worldwide on Monday April 30th 2012.

Product Details

Softback A5 format
90 pages (mixture of full colour and high quality B&W)
ISBN 978-1-62050-34203
Printed in England
GBP £10 each

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