Bellies gonna getcha

With a few more train journeys, I’ve had the time to finish my Bile Thralls.

Belly's gonna getcha.

It’s a little frustrating having sunk hours into doing the whole unit of ten, only for them to be worth 65 points in total. The first 350 of my Cryx was done so quickly, with the Slayer and Deneghra. Bile Thralls are a poor points-per-pence ratio, but they may actually help me lose less.

I’ve stuck them up on CoolMiniOrNot, so you can go vote should you so wish.

Smiling at strangers on trains

I make a lot of journeys on trains. And as well as having several good (comic) books in my bag, I also entertain myself by taking my paints. Here they are somewhere approaching Didcot.

It was the strangest thing today

Here they are somewhere in Birmingham, further along in their paintjobs.


It’s a great use of time. I got a good four hour run at them today, four hours that I would normally have had to have put an evening aside for, or stayed up extra late to do. It’s magic time from nowhere.

It’s also perhaps the only interesting picture of someone’s painting area you’ll ever see…