Gearing up for the NAF Blood Bowl World Cup

I took on a private comission recently in anticiaption of the NAF Blood Bowl World Cup. Skaven. Wormito’s Skaven – Eine Kleine Schlachtmusik.

Blood Bowl Skaven

Wormito’s Blood Bowl team are a mix different Blood Bowl generations. Knowing my passion for 1980s lead Wormi based the bulk of the team around the classic Jes Goodwin sculpts from Blood Bowl’s second edition. Jes’s work on the Skaven was seminal – the Skaven were the first race he brought to life from scratch. Of particular favourite is the number 9 kicker model (at the front below). Ahh, remember when Blood Bowl had kickers and catchers? There’s a smattering of third edition Gary Morley models, and then a 2010 Warhammer Island of Blood Rat Ogre.

Blood Bowl Skaven

Wormito specified the colour scheme. White?! They’re rats that live in sewers. Blue?! But that’s the Forge Father signature colour! To pull it off I avoided the standard Skaven colour of brown and went for a pale Dheneb Stone fur that’d work with the Astromican Grey plating. I upped the redness in the flesh to provide visual interest. I like doing Goblin Green rims on my own Blood Bowl models, but that’d clash with the blue so I went for muddy brown bases. With brown rims. Mmmmm, brown rims.

Blood Bowl Skaven

Eine Kleine Schlachtmusik will be flying out to Amsterdam for the Blood Bowl NAF World Cup later this month. You can follow Wormito on Twitter, join in his frequent Name That Tune contests and groan at his puns.

Alternative Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur

One more of my Gaspez Arts Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowlers.

Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur

This guy’s had some minor conversion work to him. I didn’t attach the shoulder horns that came as seperate pieces, and filed down their mountings. I figured the model’ll be on its side so often that delicate pieces will quickly snap off. Similarily, I bent the tail around in a u shape and glued it to the side of the leg for added stability. It’s already chipped and come off after just three games. Pinning and epoxy repairs are in order, but it’s hidden in the photo.

Problem with this model is that you can only lie it down sideways. Makes it difficult to work out whether it’s knocked down or stunned in gaming terms. But there’s only one of them on the team at the moment so it’s not something you can forget too easily. I want a second since the team’s composed largely of cheap Hobgoblins. With their high movement, Sprint and Sure Feet these guys can pretty much power their way through the opposition and score if you’re lucky enough to have them get a hold of the ball. Which is difficult thanks to their low agility.

I’m going to treat myself to some support staff models after I’ve finished the team. Gaspez‘ve got a lovely Spaghetti Goblin, and a Pizza Goblin. Dammit, and they’ve ust released some little fantasy football lizards they’ve painted in beautiful bright colours.

Gaspez Arts Camaleonti