Godbreak 84th: Tactical Squad Howard

I’ve been building up a collection of vintage Imperial Army.  As a kid I wanted a large Imperial Guard army, but there being very few plastics (only the ginormo-head RTB07 and monopose 2E Stormtrooper with lasgun) meant they’d be mainly metal.  This combined with the low points cost meant a playable army would be very expensive.  But now I’m older I’m indulging myself.


Left to right: Trpr Trewevas, Trpr Peart, Trpr Laiout, Trpr Jenkins, Sgt Howard, Trpr Langton, Trpr Bruce, Trpr Kelly, Trpr Emerson and Trpr Rutherford. 

The aim of my Godbreak 84th project is to build a collection out of pre-1994 Citadel Miniatures.  The models are mainly one-piece castings with a lot of individuality and character.  I want the collection to be flexible enough to be fielded using old Rogue Trader lists, 2E Warhammer 40,000 and modern 7E Warhammer 40,000 (all with some cheeky opponent’s-permission tweaks).


Tactical Squad Howard in some Kill Team action at Warhammer World. 

Additionally the aim of the project is to have a collection that is contemporaneous (miniatures-wise) with my Furnace Valley Squats.  I will field them together as a combined Forces of the Imperium.  Ultimately, when the Squat and Imperial Army collections are big enough I can justify painting and gaming with some classic resin Titans!


Trpr Trewevas alongside a super-heavy axle.

As well as providing a context for Titans, the Godbreak 84th project provides as excuse to scratchbuild the White Dwarf 120 Baneblade.  Onwards!

A Medical Problem

I’ve been puzzling hard over this classic Rogue Trader Medic recently.

Rogue Trader Medic

Released in June 1988, he comes armed with a lasgun.  When the Medics were codified into the White Dwarf 109 (January 1989) Imperial Guard army list they had no option to upgrade their default laspistol to a lasgun.

So, how can you field this model using the White Dwarf 109 army list?

Sod it, just use a different Medic miniature?  Ask the GM for a roll on the standard weapons chart for a cost of 3 points?  Sub the weapons with the charts in the main Rogue Trader book (as had been the case with the earlier Imperial Guard list in the Book of the Astronomican)?  Just play counts as?