Exo-Armour Hearthguard and the Storm Giants

There are several must-haves in a Squat army – and Exo-Armoured Hearthguard are several of them.  Like Space Wolves and their Wolfguard, these heavily-armoured characters can be sprinkled around the army to bolster the ranks, or formed up into squads for real hitting power.

Squat Exo-Armour versus Storm Giants

This model may’ve been influenced by the famous Sutton Hoo helmet. It’s as though the Perry that sculpted these models saw it and thought “Hey! That would look great as a robot – all it needs are hands and feet.”

Sutton Hoo helmet

Eagle-eyed amongst you would’ve noticed that there’s a discarded RTB01 helmet on the base. This is to commemorate the Squats’ victory against Mark’s Storm Giants in our ongoing Golem army challenge. So great was the massacre of these green Marines that Mark has switched to collecting Ultramarines.

Squat Exo-Armour versus Storm Giants

Next off, let’s round these chaps out to a squad with all the variants.

Furnace Valley Squats

We’ve thrown down the gauntlet at Golem to build armies for 40K6 at a rate of 250 points a month.  I’ve picked Squats – particularly apt as they’re name-checked in the new 40K6 rulebook.

First up is the Furnace Valley Brotherhood Command Squad.  Brotherhood Lords are in charge of their Stronghold at a tactical level, leading the Warrior Squads in the thick of the fighting.  They’re one step below Warlords who I’ll model later in the project with ornate carapace armour.   On the left is Commissar Gustav (kindly donated by my friend Luke), who is acting in an advisory rather than disciplinary capacity.  This Mark Copplestone classic is the only non-Perry miniature so far.  The Powerfist and Power Sword is quite overkill, but the model’s too damn awesome to kit out otherwise.

Furnace Valley Squats

Left to right: Commissar Gustav, Trooper Stoner (Bolter), Medic Faunts, Warmaster Curiz, Trooper Sterling (Stronghold Standard) and Trooper Gast (Battlesynth).

The first Warrior Squad is composed entirely of Perry-sculpted Squats.  I picked all the models with photochromatic visors as the translucent red looks gives the squad a visual kick, and also satisifes my pedantic side where in Rogue Trader squads were either entirely with or entirely without the eye protection.

Furnace Valley Squats

I’d have liked to’ve avoided using the metal/plastic hybrid Squats in this squad (and make squads of entirely hybrids later) – but the Plasma Gunner is festooned with Heavy Bolter pouches and I’ve no oldskool Heavy Bolters from White Dwarf 97.  I’ll split the squad up later – and might even split off the Squats with AK47s from the Lasguns.

Here’s the whole 250 points altogether.  It’s a nice nucleus to grow the army around.


Furnace Valley Squats


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Notes
Stronghold Lord 4 4 3 4 3 2 3 10 5+/5+* Stubborn
Squat Warrior 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9 5+ Stubborn


Born on a Sunday

Got all my painting done I said I would yesterday – almost. I’ve not varnished the fellas yet as I can’t find my varnishing brush. Most of my models are varnished with brush-on Testors Dullcote, and then their reflective red visors are given about 4 coats of Vallejo Gloss. Not sure what to do with the vehicles, might see if I can find some Testors in spray format.

It makes me a lot happier about the current state of the army, seeing it all lined up on my old ‘army board’. Traditionally, my armies pose on this board while they’re being assembled as it’s just the right size and thickness. It’s actually a board I undercoated black back in school and wrote my name on, but never painted anything on. I think it is destined for greatness one day, it is happy holding my armies until Fate decides the day has come for me to paint a masterpiece on its receptive primed surface.

Click for bigger, and see the sorry state half my army in currently in.

I also bought a Rhino last week for my Hearthguard. I didn’t want a third Chimera as I’d go mad painting them, and also as historically Squats had Rhinos in both Epic and 40K. Well, everyone did back then as the Chimera had not yet debuted in 28mm scale. Land Raiders and Rhinos were the staple of Imperial Guard armies, and hadn’t yet been ret-conned to Marines only. I’ll be fielding it as a transport for the Hearthguard who count as allied Inquisitoral Storm Troopers, though I am still a little worried about representing their hellguns.

(Note the modified vision slit – it’s lower down as the crewmen aren’t as tall.) I added the Imperial Guard storm bolter and not the Marine one as it fits the Guard aesthetic better. I think this is a little odd as another reason I had for adding it was to make the army less Imperial Guard and more Imperial in flavour. I might go a little further and add a Mk2b Pre-Heresy Pattern Forge World Land Raider, though it is a point-sink. Might be useful for the 1850pt tournaments though…

This apparatus must be unearth

I finished my Termite last night, but the glue on the base wasn’t dry so I let photographing it to today. And my golly, if I can say so myself I am rather impressed with how well this has turned out.

And with all that photography, I couldn’t resist a quick play ‘shopping it GW Box Style. Well, it’s not quite their house style, as they don’t have muzzle flash coming off every single muzzle, barrel and tube.

I love the Marine Scout box, with these two firing their weapons so nonchalantly. It’s the Photoshop equivalent of painting all your weapons with Blood Red, and then anything else with an edge with some Blood Red. And then putting a few more Blood Red gore patches on anything painted silver for good measure.

In fact, I might mock-up some more modern renditions of my Squat boxes to take to tournaments with me. Get them shrink-wrapped and lie to all the kids at Games Workshop I got them from pre-order…