Car Wars – the Scarlet Captain

I’ve started dabbling with Car Wars. Well, a friend suggested we dabble with Dark Future (Games Workshop’s 1988 not-Mad Max game), but I distinctly remember it being an incredibly tedious affair. If you’re playing a game about cars pelting it along post-apocalyptic highways you wanted game mechanics that were fast and furious – Dark Future was fat and curious.

The true beauty of Car Wars is it’s an excuse to mess about with toy cars. After much scouring I found this old Spectrum Saloon Car from for 99p.

Car Wars Captain Scarlet

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I disassembled it and dunked it in paintstripper – mainly to clean from the crevices what I assume was chewed-up biscuit. Then I replaced the boot with a gun half spare Mantaforce half em4miniaures Space Ranger. Quick paintjob and it was reassembled into a true road warrior.

Now to expand to motor pool with other classic vehicles.

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  • January 8, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    GW had the dark future rules on their old site for a while. I still have the game but have not played it in years. I went and looked at the rules again a couple of years ago and they did seem really complicated.


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