Reinforcements for the Nethyr’s Edge

I’m designing a pair of Kings of War books at the moment in tandem – it’s like filming the Matrix sequels. And I’m designing the next few months of Kings of War packaging. It’s unrelentingly Kings of War at the moment.

So when I get time away from Mantic, it’s nice to relax with something else.


Curis' Nethyr Edge Huscarl

Here’s my Huscarl conversion I mentioned last time. I’ve converted him with the statue base from the Kings of War Dwarf Hero to help him stand out. You may notice all my Warpath squad leaders are on bigger bases to mark them out (and stop other models towering over my doughty, squat warriors).

He looks cool enough to lead a small skirmish force, but he may not be a fully-fledged Huscarl. I see him as a Veteran Thane.

Curis' Nethyr Edge Steel Warrior Team

To bulk up the core of the army I’ve added a second unit of Steel Warriors. I picked up a load of the discontinued Drakkarim boxes in the crazy 2012 Christmas sale so I’ve got enough metal helmets for the entire squad. It helps me quickly determine which squad is which. Again, the Thane has been given a Cybermastiff and a pair of helm wings (from the Kings of War Dwarf command) to mark him out.

Curis' Nethyr Edge on parade
Click for massive version!

That brings the force to 495 points.

– Steel Warrior Section (150), Dragon’s Breath (25), Mjolnir (25)
– Steel Warrior Team (75)
– Huscarl (60)
– Iron Ancestor (160)

What’s next? Well, technically the army’s illegal as I’ve got two Heroes/Monsters and only one solid unit. But I think some Stormrage are in order for their awesome firepower – plus they count as solid if I take a ten-man squad. Or some ordnance…


Curis has painted for Games Workshop, Forge World, Warlord Games, Mantic Games, Avatars of War, Wargames Foundry, Studio McVey and many others. He's won at Golden Demon and Salute. He publishes monthly painting tutorials on Patreon.

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