Silver Tower Grot Scuttlings of Tzeentch

It’s Age of Sigmar time!  Here’s a nine-strong cluster of Grot Scuttlings from the modern (gasp!) Warhammer Quest Silver Tower game. There’s only eight in the box, but I painted a bonus one as PRAISE BE TO TZEENTCH.

Silver Tower Grot Scuttlings

Spider-Grots, Spider-Grots, manufactured in Notts.

Mashing together Night Goblins with sp-sp-spiders puzzles me – Forest Goblins were the spider-flavoured Goblins from Warhammer, so it’s confusing the themes.  Like mashing up High Elves with leafs.  Or Khorne Berserkers with sonic sex-weaponry.  It seems Gee-Dub haven’t continued the arachno-trend with the subsequent Night Goblin (or “Moonclan Grot” as they’re now called) releases, and these spider-hybrids (“sp-ybrids”?) are confined to Tzeentch’s Silver Tower.  Moonclan have found their feet, and it’s not eight-a-grot.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Silver Tower Grot Scuttlings versus Shadespire Orruk Ironjawz

Spin a web any size, catch Orruks just like flies.

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To emphasise the Tzeentchian nature of these Scuttlings I avoided the classic Night Goblin black-robes-green-skin scheme and went for pale blue flesh and vivid purple robes.  My Silver Tower 1990s project will feature Scuttlings converted from the classic Kev Adams Night Goblins, and they may borrow this scheme to reinforce how they’re not your standard Night Goblins.

Painting Tutorials

Thanks to everyone that’s backed the Ninjabread Patreon!  It’s going amazingly well and I’m thankful for all the comments and support.  Last month’s installment went in deep on how to get crisp highlights on Crimson Fists power armour.  This month’s will walk Patrons through another model, teaching you how to shape your miniatures with midtones, and it will also go into depth with tactics on line thickness.

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Normal Oldhammer service will resume shortly with some charmingly vintage Bob Olley Tzaangor.  Have fun!

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12 thoughts on “Silver Tower Grot Scuttlings of Tzeentch

  1. They look nice in those colours, almost like some twisted Skeletor fanclub. They don’t look like that much of a fun to paint so kudos to you. Ever considered making an oldschool equivalent from old spiders and night goblins to make perfect Adams centaurs ?

    1. Thanks! Coincidentally, I was thinking when I was looking at your Shadespire Skeletons that bright Skeletor colours would work well.

      I’ve bought in 8 of the metal Night Goblins from the early 1990s. I was thinking about chopping off their feet and replacing them with Blue Horror feet (the ones with ten-toes-per-foot) – but I thought that might be a little too subtle. I actually rather like your centuar/dryder idea a lot, I’ll have to track down some Forest Goblin cav and see if it works. Thanks JB!

  2. I actually quite like the idea of spider grots, even if they are sort mixing the categories up a little. Your reminder about the patreon is a good one. I still need to join that. I will take a page from Shane and use the tutorials to not only educate myself, but teach my son how to paint properly. My current process is half remembered technique from 27 years ago and my own interpretation of what I think modern best practices are.

  3. THose models ate so odd. I have not checked them out before. An interesting fact is that some spiders use their front limbs for procreations.

    The colours are nice and I like the way they look really different in your two ligthing set-ups

  4. As always, the quality of your painting is sublime. A very interesting scheme as well – it really works, though it’s quite weird as well being so far out of the “usual” colour spectrum for goblins (and I mean from yellow through green to brown). Definitely gives them both an unnatural and Tzeentch (because blue) vibe on the Warhammer side, but also echoes the Drow/Drider look and feel from D&D.

    1. Cheers! I’ve got a real thing for blue Warhammer skin at the moment – I’m experimenting with some 1980s Dark Elves with ice blue complexions. Watch this space!

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