Samhain Albion Truthsayer
It’s Samhain, so let’s celebrate this Celtic pagan festival with a classic druid miniature.  It’s the Albion Truthsayer!  Tha a’ bàta-falbhain agam loma-làn easgannan!

Oldhammer Warhammer Albion Truthsayer

Albion Truthsayers: the most predictable opponents in “Truth or Dare”.

The Albion Truthsayer is a standing-stone-cold classic of a miniature from Warhammer’s Dark Shadows mini-supplement.  The 2001 campaign booklet featured rules for you army to be joined these warrior-wizards (or their arch-nemeses, the Dark Emissaries) while they fought their way across the mysterious island of Albion to thwart (or aid) Warhammer’s newest mega-villain: the Dark Master.

Oldhammer Warhammer Albion Truthsayer

The Truthsayer, interfering with one of the many barrows on the Isle of Wights.

I had a lot of fun modelling the base to make it look like the boggy fenlands of Albion.  The owl (from a Wood Elf kit) is a reference the “Wings of Fate” spell that let the Truthsayer summon a flock of enchanted birds to peck at his foes.  The sculpt itself is packed full of Celtic-style details: a spiral skull carvings, gold neck torque; spiked barbarian hair; bronze triskele medallion.  As a geek of ancient trappings I get super excited about it appearing in Warhammer.

Oldhammer Warhammer Albion Truthsayer

When it comes to prehistoric jewellery, Curis not only walks the walk, but torques the torque.

This miniature is one of my favourite Citadel Miniatures of all time – not least because if you clip off his basing tab and peek up the loincloth you can see the sculptor’s – Chris Fitzpatrick – signature.  I can’t think of any miniatures signed in this way since Citadel’s preslotta days.

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Oldhammer Warhammer Albion Truthsayer

Cheeky Albion Truthsayer upskirt shot.

Albion Skin Painting Tutorial

One of the popular requests on the Ninjabread Patreon is “how do you paint skin”?  I photographed the Truthsayer between steps so supporters can follow along and learn how to paint flesh in this style.

Oldhammer Warhammer Albion Truthsayer

Become a supporter today and you’ll get access to this in depth masterclass tutorial, and not one BUT TWO guides on how to paint your power armoured Space Marines.

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That’s it for today’s visit to Albion.  What’s next – perhaps the evil Truthsayer?  Or the Fenbeasts?  Or the Giants of Albion and their Druid?  Or maybe delving even further back into Albion’s past with the LE8 McDeath’s Crazed Caledonians?  Watch this space…

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15 thoughts on “Samhain Albion Truthsayer

  1. I just don’t think people appreciate that Curis bought 14 Truthsayers in order to provide us with a skin tutorial. His selfless generosity is a beacon in these dark times.

    Also, lovely work matey. You complete me.

    1. Actually, to fess up, I didn’t paint fourteen miniatures. I just painted the same one fourteen times, stripping it back to bare metal after the photos were taken. Truthsayers are pretty rare dontchaknow.

  2. I think you’re probably the only person I know that can dish out the puns without my eyeballs rolling into the back of my head. You’re the master of the pun mate :)

    Skin tutorial…check

    Thanks a bunch for that Curis, it’s been a great help. Your a real pal :)

    Oh, and your paint job looks good ;)

    1. If your eyes aren’t rolling into the back of my head then that means I CAN TAKE THE PUNS FURTHER.

      Glad you liked the tute!

    1. Cheers Azazel! I want to push this all a bit further for a 2019 painting competition, but I’m really thrilled just parking it here. Gotta know when to stop!

  3. Fantastic looking mini. I’ll have to pop over to the patreon and give the tutorial a read. Sadly I’ve run out of time to finish painting the Giant before Monolith, but I’ll try and do a blog post about it when I get around to it afterwards.

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