Choose Your Own Adventurers – Episode 11: Indiana Jones, Xenoarchaeologist

Rogue Trader Choose Your Own Adventurers Logo

Warhammer 40,000 and archaeology.  My two hobbies melded together.  There’s not been this much combination of leisure pursuits since the notorious Inquisitor Bingedrink.

Rogue Trader Indiana Jones

“1988 Rogue Trader Citadel miniature?  That belongs in a museum.”

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Chaos Talisman Trio

One day at Games Workshop HQ, Aly Morrison came up to me with a big bag of Talisman figures.  “I found this bag of scrabby old models in my basement, and I was gonna bin ’em.  Then I remembered you like scrabby old stuff.”  I was over the moon.  Here’s the first three painted.

Talisman Chaos Trio in the Morning WoodThe Chaos Brothers defending portal dolmens in the Mourning Wood.

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Doctor Who Arc of Infinity Time Lord Omega

Time to kick off my collection of Doctor Who villains!  Presenting Omega, the Time Lord who decided to name himself after his exam grades.  It’s the Gallifreyan equivalent of “F Minus”, which now I say out loud does sound like a good rapper name.

Doctor Who's Time Lord Foe, Omega

MC F Minus in da house, rappity rappity rap.

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Choose Your Own Adventurers – Episode 8: Steppenwolf, Mutant Outlander

Choose Your Own Adventurers Logo

Over at the Emporium of Rogue Dreams, Mark Elster organised a summer competition to model and paint a Rogue Trader mutant, judged by Warhammer 40,000 supremo Andy Chambers himself.  Seeing other people get their entries together (like axiom’s and asslessman’s) inspired me to make my own mutant. Presenting Steppenwolf, Mutant Outlander.

Rogue Trader Steppenwolf

“I am a man wolf.  I am a wolf man.”

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Peter Davison Fifth Doctor Who by Harlequin

I’ve got a soft spot for Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor. Probably because his run on Doctor Who started with a couple of very strong science fiction stories – Logopolis and Castrovalva. And I think Earthshock is the definitive Cyberman story. So I started my new collection of 28mm Doctor Who miniatures with him.  It’s the first time I’ve painted a representation of celery in at that scale.

Harlequin's Fifth Doctor Who Miniature

“Books! The best weapons in the world!”

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